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About Our SchoolForeign Language Academy

The Foreign Language Academy is a Kindergarten through 8th-grade program currently offering Spanish, French and Mandarin Chinese Immersion. Immersion is a method of instruction in which the regular school curriculum is taught in the target language. Students enter the immersion program at a kindergarten level. The classroom teacher, speaking in the target language, introduces new words to the students. Using gestures, pictures, and games, the teacher shows the young students how to make the connection between the object and the new word. Through the target language, the kindergarten students will acquire reading and language skills, math skills, social and study skills. As the students continue to hear Spanish, French or Mandarin, they will begin using their target language words, phrases, and sentences.

Each grade level advances the student's knowledge of math, social studies, science and foreign language arts. Elementary students can read, write and speak in Spanish, French or Mandarin in each of these subjects as they acquire their academic language skills. The students also participate in art, music, computer and physical education programs.

Instruction in English reading begins in the second grade through the implementation of the currently adopted English reading curriculum from the school district. Reading readiness skills taught in K and 1, transfer to their English reading. Phonics and spelling are taught directly.

In middle school, an increased emphasis is placed on the correct usage of spoken and written immersion language in each of the academic subjects. Middle school students have the opportunity to choose as well an exploratory class:  art, band, business and finance, choir, coding and robotics, debate, Garden to Table, journalism, and Sports.

All students at Foreign Language Academy are offered the following: bus transportation, free breakfast and lunch, full-time school nurse, counselors, computer labs, a full-time librarian and a library with an extensive number of books in Spanish, Mandarin, and French. Students can enroll with LINC for the before and after school enrichment program.

The link below provides very valuable information on immersion language learning:

7 Tips For Raising Bilingual Children.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can attend Signature Schools?
A: Any student who lives within the Kansas City Public Schools attendance boundary and meets the school's enrollment requirements can attend a Signature School. Students who live outside the school system attendance boundary may be eligible to attend if space permits; tuition fees would apply.
Q: Do students who attend Signature Schools receive transportation?
A: Students in grades K-12 who live 1.5 miles or more from their school are eligible for transportation. Transportation is not provided to pre-kindergarten students. For more detailed information, visit
Q: How do I fulfill the additional admission requirements?
A: Once you have submitted your enrollment application, call the school office to schedule a time to complete the admission requirements.
Q: What is the age requirement for my child to enter pre-kindergarten?
A: Your child must be three years old before August 1. Visit the Richardson Early Learning or Woodland Early Learning for enrollment information.
Q: What is the age requirement for my child to enter kindergarten?
A: Your child must be five years old before August 1.*
*Updated 12/09/15
Q: Will I be allowed to enroll my child in a Kansas City Public School without having an up-to-date immunization record on file?
A: No. Missouri law (RSMo 167.181) requires all children show proof of adequate immunizations before enrolling in a public school.