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Border Star Montessori Admission Policy  

All P3s, P4s and kindergarteners are eligible for admission based on available seats. 
They must be school ready and able to abide by school policies and expectations as 
indicated in “Behavioral Expectation Student Contract”, which will be distributed 
upon acceptance. Students must be 3, 4 years old by August 1st to qualify for PreK.  
Siblings of current families are given preference for seating.
Children’s House students are expected to be prepared for school upon admission, 
as well as comply with each of the aforementioned expectations. Additionally, failure 
to comply with school-readiness expectations causes a disruption to learning and 
creates a hardship for staff and other children. The following are grounds for dismissal 
from the Montessori programs:
  • Not potty-trained
  • Demonstration of behaviors that are so disruptive that they must be removed from 
    the classroom frequently
  • Misuse and destruction of the classroom materials
  • Biting 

Application Packet

Application (fully completed)
2 proofs of residency (Utility bill: gas, water, electric or lease/mortgage)
Birth certificate
Immunization record
Parent/Guardian photo identification

Procedures for Accepting Applications

No incomplete application packets will be accepted
Applications will be checked and will be date/time stamped when cleared for acceptance 
After enrollment window closes. Letters will be sent to families to notify them of their 
admission status (Accepted or Waitlist) 

Demit Policy

Border Star Montessori and Holliday Montessori are signature schools that offer a
 specialized Montessori program. Both schools cherish a rich tradition of academic and 
social excellence and work diligently to maintain vibrant, high-functioning learning 
environments. Thus, admission and seating in these schools are highly coveted. As such, 
student behaviors that prove to be disruptive and unsafe will not be tolerated in these 
learning environments. Behaviors that warrant dismissal from the Montessori program 
are outlined in the Behavioral Expectation Contract. 


Pre-K Enrollment Applications