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Tiger Students of the WEEK
week of 9/18/16 - 9/24/16
Sarafina Jackson
 3rd Grade

Sarafina sets a great example of following our schools PBIS Matrix behavior plan.  Being a Responsible, Respectful and Safe Learner!
Mrs. McLemore

Abigale Campbell

1st Grade

Abigale follows directions and is very respectful to teachers and classmates.  She raises her hand and doesn’t shout out.

Mrs. Genson


Dyshaun Smock



Dyshaun is very respectful.  He is always willing to help others in need.  He may be small but his eagerness to learn is enormous.

Ms. Jordan
 Raul Ochoa
3rd Grade

This student was named as an exemplar student by subs both times when I had to be absent for professional development.  He consistently does his work, is on task and is always kind to others.

Ms. Erin Klein

week of 10/03/16 -10/08/16
Leslie Moreno 

3rd Grade

Leslie is always willing to help others! 
She loves to learn and is often found reading with her spare time.
Mrs. Klein
Week of: 12/5/16-12/9/16

Tywla Thomas

6th Grade
Twyla Thomas

Ms. Thomas is cooperative, works well with classmates; follow directions; respectful; and very interested in learning.

Mrs. Vertreese