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Please dial 816-418- prior to any extension number to the voicemail
First Name Last Name Grade/Level/Subject Position District Email District Voicemail
Kathleen Alder Office Secretary 816-418-5160
Diane Beckham Administration Vice Principal
Kathleen Belke Children's House Rm #134 Teacher
Elmer Binford Upper Elementary Rm #222/224 Paraprofessional
Kenneth Boehr Upper Elementary Rm #224 Teacher
Meredith Burton Upper Elementary Rm #228 Teacher
Kenya Casselle Children's House Rm #228 Teacher
Joan Chavis Children's House Rm #148 Paraprofessional
Phyllis Dawson Lower Elementary Rm #202/203 Paraprofessional
Nicole DeJongh Exceptional Education Rm #112 Teacher
Yevonne Fletcher Children's House Rm #150 Teacher
Jesse Gardner Maintenance Building Mechanic
Beth Garrett Special Services Rm #225 Speech/Language Pathologist
Kimberly Green Rm #229 School Counselor
Rodney Gross Paraprofessional
Raymond Hairston P.E. Teacher
Elaine Hansen Children's House Rm #107 Teacher
Athena Heironimus Support Services Music Teacher
Kendra Hermann Lower Elementary Rm #204 Teacher
Edwina Hoskins-Graham Children's House Rm #003 Paraprofessional
Julia Jones Lower Elementary Rm #202 Teacher
Melissa Lands Hanke Lower Elementary Rm #219 Teacher
Laura McKenzie Children's House Rm #105 Teacher
Ranneissa Mekuria Children's House Rm #105 Paraprofessional
Trynie Miller Maintenance Evening Custodian