Early Learning (Pre-kindergarten)

Head Start/Early Childhood Program
Head Start is a comprehensive child development program that has been successfully serving low-income children and their families for over forty years. It is a child-focused program with an overall goal of increasing school readiness and socialization for young children three to five years old. This is accomplished by providing a rich preschool environment, engaging and supporting the family, and connecting with the community. 
This program uses Conscious Discipline, which is built on the premise of developing discipline within children rather than applying discipline to them.

Head Start services include:
  • Researched based curriculum (Project Construct)
  • Medical and Dental Screenings
  • Health nutritional assistance
  • Family Support and Referral Services
Our Head Start and Early Childhood programs are offered in 1/2 Day format, with a limited number of Full Day seats. The Head Start program is free for both the 1/2 day and full day format. The Early Childhood Program is free for the 1/2 day format, and tuition based and/or state aid for the full day programs.

Head Start LocationsKids walking to school
  • Richardson Community School, 3515 Park
  • Woodland Community School, 711 Woodland
Early Childhood Locations
  • African Centered Prep Lower, 6410 Swope Pkwy
  • Hartman Elementary, 8111 Oak Street
  • Richardson Community School, 3515 Park
  • Woodland Community School, 711 Woodland
For More Information on these programs please call:
Office of Early Learning (816) 418-5213 
Click here for the 2014 Self-Assessment Report for the KCPS Head Start Program.  

Montessori Program
We have two signature schools that offer Pre-K Montessori Learning, Border Star and Harold Holliday Elementary Schools. The Montessori program will transform children through a series of developmental periods. The focus of Montessori education continually changes in scope and manner to meet the child’s changing needs and interests. The program also prepares children for each successive developmental domain. It allows them to take responsibility for their own education, giving them the opportunity to make choices and become unique human beings. The Pre-K Montessori program is a full day tuition based program.

For More Information on this program contact:
  • Border Star School (816) 418-5150
  • Harold Holliday School (816) 418-1950 

Hale Cook Program
The program offers a Creative Curriculum that provides a combination of learning and play, along with forward thinking, comprehensive, research-based and research-proven curriculum that helps teachers to be most effective, while still honoring their creativity and respecting their critical role in making learning exciting and relevant for every child.
Hale Cook is a full day program that is tuition based.

For More Information on this program contact:
Julie Lynch, Principal at Hale Cook

Missouri Preschool Project
The Missouri Preschool Project program is offered for general education children who will attend kindergarten the following fall. The program provides a research-based curriculum that is developmentally appropriate and focuses on a hands-on environment for their stages of development. It also offers experience in readiness skills and school routines.

MPP is a full day program that is partially subsidized and tuition based.

MPP Locations
  • Paige Elementary, 3301 E. 75th Street
  • Pitcher Elementary, 9915 E. 38th Street
  • Troost Elementary, 1215 E. 59th Street
For More Information on this program contact:
Jerry Kitzi, Director of Early Learning

Parents As Teachers 
Parents As Teachers (PAT) is a parent education and family support program serving families throughout pregnancy until their child enters kindergarten. Parent educators share information on early brain development, along with parenting advice for families to help make the most of their child's early learning years. Through personal visits, group connections, developmental screenings and networks of community referrals, parents learn about early childhood development and how to increase their child's school readiness and success. Please contact the Parents as Teachers (PAT) supervisor at 418-5245 to learn how to apply for this program.

Pre-K Tuition Prices
*Prices listed below are the cost monthly*
 Programs in yellow are partially subsidized by state and federal funds.
 Full Day Pre-K Program
  FreeReduced Full 
 Head Start Free N/A N/A
 Early Childhood Free N/A N/A
 MPP Free $130 $260
 Montessori $130 $260 $650
 Hale Cook $130 $260 $650
LINC does not offer before or after school services for Pre-K children. KCPS will offer these services from 7 AM to bell time for the start of school, and from bell time to 6 PM for the afterschool program. There is a monthly fee of $50 for this program.

Enrollment Information 
In order for your child to attend the Head Start or Early Childhood Education program,  the child must be 3 years old before August 1 of the current school year.  The pre-k enrollment application can be downloaded in Spanish or English below.   In order for your application to be processed,  you will also need to take the following documents: 
  • Two (2) current check stubs, or proof of income (within the last 30 days)
  • Two (2) proofs of residence required:
    1. Current utility bill: electric, water or gas. Disconnect or shutoff notices will not be accepted. Bills must be within the last 30 days; AND
    2. Lease or mortgage agreement
  • Child's birth certificate
  • Child's current shot records
  • Valid Picture ID of Parent or Guardian
  • Child's social security card (not  mandatory)
  • Child's medical card (not mandatory)

Click here for bell times information.


Pre-K Enrollment Applications

  • Pre-K Enrollment FAQ

    Enrollment-Headstart-FAQ.pdf, 199.44 KB (Last Modified on May 6, 2014)
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  • 2014-15 Pre-kindergarten Application

    Use this application  for enrollment in pre-kindergarten.
    Submit this application to:
    Early Learning Enrollment Center
    1215 E Truman Road, Kansas City, MO 64106
    Headstart-English-2014-15.pdf, 124.59 KB (Last Modified on May 6, 2014)
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  • 2014-15 Solicitud de Inscripción en preescolar

    Use esta solicitud para inscripción en preescolar.
    Presente la solicitud en:
    El Centro de Inscripción de Aprendizaje Temprano
    1215 E Truman Road, Kansas City, MO 64106
    Headstart-Spanish-2014-15.pdf, 127.52 KB (Last Modified on May 6, 2014)
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