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School Building At Success Academy, we believe all students have the talent and potential to succeed. Each student assigned to Success Academy at Anderson is provided with an an individualized educational environment that addresses the social and academic challenges they have faced in a traditional school. It is our goal to create a campus that will give your student the best opportunity to overcome those challenges. This is indeed an opportunity for your child to achieve success.
There are some very important things for you and your student to know prior to arriving at SA:
  • All students will receive an intake interview with the Principal.
  • School hours are 7:30 a.m. to 2:30  p.m.
  • Transportation will be provided to SA students.
  • Uniforms are required and must be provided by the parent. Approved uniforms include black, white or navy polo-style shirts without any type of logos and khaki, navy blue or black pants and / or skirts.
  • No electronic devices of any kind will be allowed in the school building for any reason.
  • Student identification cards will be worn around students necks in plain view at all times.
  • Students will attend 4 core and 3 elective classes daily - with reinforced enrichment instruction via on-line, software technology and life skills support/instruction. Student progress will be reviewed at the end of each semester.
  • Students will participate in an extensive life skills program designed to empower good decision making and personal growth. Part of your student’s exit ticket will include parent participation on a scheduled basis.
  • Student exit criteria will include meeting satisfactory requirements in the following areas: academic goals, attendance standard, behavioral goals, citizenship, and parent involvement activities.