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About Kansas City Public Schools

Our Vision 

The Kansas City Public Schools (KCPS) envisions its schools as places where every student will develop deep understanding of the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue higher education, obtain family-supporting employment, contribute to the civic well-being of the community, and have the opportunity for a rewarding and fulfilling life.

Our Mission 

The mission of the Kansas City Public Schools is to achieve, in a way that is unencumbered by excuses, our vision for education by ensuring that all children benefit from teaching and learning. The school district will do this through:
  • Inquiry-based instruction that involves active-learning, and is project-oriented, collaborative, and facilitated by meaningful professional development
  • Successful instructional settings where teachers continually coach each child to develop deep understanding and educational proficiency, while meeting all Adequate Yearly Progress goals
  • Cooperative planning among principals and teachers to ensure attainment of district goals
  • Substantial autonomy to each learning community
  • Accountability for executing and achieving the school district's vision, goals, and objectives articulated in the Accountability Plan. 


The Kansas City Public Schools was organized in 1867 and originally served 2,150 children. Today, the school system educates nearly 16,700 children and employs nearly 2,300 teachers and administrators. The urban school system offers a rich multi-ethnic, multi-cultural mix of students throughout the city. 

DESE Report Card

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) publishes a report card on each school district and individual school in Missouri. These report cards include statistics for graduation rates, attendance, Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) testing, ACT scores, college and career placement, disciplinary action, and other vital information. The report card for the Kansas City Public Schools can be found here; the report card for the individual schools in the district can be found using this database (enter Kansas City 33 as the district name).

Property Tax Information

The tax rates shall be set to produce substantially the same revenue which the budget submitted for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2014 shows to be required from the property tax. Each tax rate is determined by dividing the amount of revenue required by the current assessed valuation. The result is divided by 100 so the tax rate will be expressed in cents per $100 assessed valuation.
 Assessed Vaulation (by categories):
   FY 2013-2014
FY 2014-2015 
 Real Property
 $2,099,953,272  $2,111,181,183
 Personal Property
 621,468,398  593,338,769
 Total  $2,721,421,670  $2,704,519,952
The following Tax Rates are proposed:

 Operating Fund:
Amount of property tax
revenues budgeted (1)
Property tax rate
per $100 (2)
 $117,208,034  $4.95
 Total School Levy
 $117,208,034  $4.95
 New revenue
 New revenue from new construction and improvements
 New revenue from reassessment
 Percentage of new revenue from reassessment
(1) Each figure in this column has been reduced prior to inclusion in the school district's 2014-2015 school year budget to reflect the estimated amount of revenue which will be received from these property taxes
(2) The proposed tax rate will not increase from last year. It will remain at $4.95.


(2013 Statistics)

African-American - 59.4 percent
Hispanic - 27.3 percent
Asian/Pacific Islander - **
American Indian/Alaskan Native - **
White -9.1 percent
Free/reduced lunch - 89.1 percent  (Missouri  - 49.9 percent)
** - Indicates the percent has been suppressed due to a potential small sample size.


2 early learning centers
26 elementary schools
2 middle schools
8 high schools
Manual Career Technical Center