Make it Better

The loss of accreditation by KCPS has little, if any, impact on a student's ability to attend and excel at the college or university of their choice. To reinforce this important message, KCPS has launched the “Make It Better” campaign. The purpose is to encourage students to take the real and necessary steps that will lead to college admission and career placement, including obtaining a high ACT/SAT score, earning a high GPA, completing the proper courses, and attending school every day.

KCPS is dedicated to making sure its students continue on the path to success. To support you on your path, we've compiled these resources with the information needed to pave your way to a higher education and a career. And don’t forget a fundamental truth:

Nothing, not even a lack of accreditation by KCPS, will hold you back.

Still don't believe the school district's lack of accreditation has no impact on a student's ability to attend their dream college? Listen to this recent graduate from the unaccredited St. Louis Public School District who will be attending Yale University in the fall:

MAKE IT BETTER: A message from a St. Louis graduate from Kansas City Public Schools on Vimeo.