KCPS Master Plan Process: Next Steps

After three rounds of community conversations, gathering feedback from over 2,500 parents, students, staff, and community members, master planning consultant MGT presented its findings to help us build a better KCPS at the April 8, 2015 KCPS Board of Directors meeting. Click HERE to view the presentation. To hear the audio version of the MGT Board Presentation, click HERE.
Now it's time for KCPS administrators and staff to review the options mapped out by our consults, process the feedback from our stakeholders, and develop a plan that takes into account many other strategic factors. It's important to understand that no final decisions have been made. KCPS administrators will make recommendations to the school board this fall. It will be up to the board members to decide whether to endorse, edit or reject those recommendations.
We will continue to inform and engage with our parents, staff and community members throughout this process. It's also important to remember that - no matter what is finally approved by the school board - no changes will be made based on the Master Plan during the 2015-2016 school year. We are committed to taking the time necessary for this to be a healthy, positive process that leads to great outcomes for every student. 


  • May - July 2015: Develop and refine Master Plan recommendations
  • August 2015: Present Master Plan recommendations to the Board of Directors
  • August - September 2015: Stakeholder engagement meetings
  • September 2015: Board decision on Master Plan recommendations 
  • 2015-2016 School Year: Stakeholder engagement around Master Plan implementation
  • Fall 2016: Begin to implement Master Plan (if approved) 
WHAT is the Master Plan?

Kansas City Public Schools is conducting a master planning study to maximize opportunities for student achievement and to increase enrollment by delivering the best academic and extra-curricular programs possible within the available financial resources.  The master plan will look at issues such as: academic priorities, extra-curricular needs, facility needs, transportation needs, enrollment boundaries, budgetary impacts.



We need the voices and perspectives of parents, students, teachers, staff, and community members to inform this plan.  KCPS has hired the consulting team of MGT and David Mason & Associates to work with local stakeholders, conduct an assessment and present recommendations to the school board and Superintendent.



KCPS will be gathering community feedback through a variety of medium.  MGT will conduct focus groups with targeted stakeholder groups.  KCPS is hosting “community conversations”, which are open to the public and a great opportunity to share your perspective.  Please check out the master plan calendar and flyer for details.  Community stakeholders can also participate on-line at www.kcpsforum.org and/or via a quick text survey.



The master plan kicked-off community engagement in November of 2014.  MGT will present its findings and scenarios/alternatives for consideration to the community in March 2015 (dates TBD) with final recommendations presented to the school board and Superintendent in late March.  We expect the implementation of recommendations to be a phased process.