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The Master Plan kicked off in the Fall of 2014 with 7 public meetings and 19 focus groups. Feedback from more than 1000 parents, students, staff and community members has been collected and will guide the development of the master plan. Join us in January as MGT presents its findings and unveils scenarios for community consideration. For meeting dates/times, please check the Master Plan Calendar.

Winners of the $50 gift cards have been notified via text on Dec. 19. Winners have been notified.
WHAT is the Master Plan?

Kansas City Public Schools is conducting a master planning study to maximize opportunities for student achievement and to increase enrollment by delivering the best academic and extra-curricular programs possible within the available financial resources.  The master plan will look at issues such as: academic priorities, extra-curricular needs, facility needs, transportation needs, enrollment boundaries, budgetary impacts.



We need the voices and perspectives of parents, students, teachers, staff, and community members to inform this plan.  KCPS has hired the consulting team of MGT and David Mason & Associates to work with local stakeholders, conduct an assessment and present recommendations to the school board and Superintendent.



KCPS will be gathering community feedback through a variety of medium.  MGT will conduct focus groups with targeted stakeholder groups.  KCPS is hosting “community conversations”, which are open to the public and a great opportunity to share your perspective.  Please check out the master plan calendar and flyer for details.  Community stakeholders can also participate on-line at (coming soon) and/or via a quick text survey and/or take the full survey (coming soon).



The master plan will kick-off with community engagement in November (see calendar for upcoming meeting dates/times).  MGT will present its findings and scenarios/alternatives for consideration to the community in January 2015 (dates TBD) with final recommendations presented to the school board and Superintendent in February.  We expect the implementation of recommendations to be a phased process.