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KCPS Master Plan Process: Next Steps

      In 2013, KCPS began a master planning process to ensure we are using our limited resources as effectively and efficiently as possible in order to give our students the best opportunity to succeed in reaching their college and career dreams. In April 2015, after completing a detailed technical assessment and a series of community discussions, master planning consultant MGT presented its assessment to the school board. Over the last few months, KCPS Administration reviewed and assessed the MGT findings and presented recommendations to the School Board on November 4, 2015. These recommendations outline a plan to build stronger schools and stronger communities. The plan will have implications that will include boundary changes, school closures and school consolidations; however it will also allow for resources to be re-allocated to priorities identified by KCPS families and school staff such as programs to enhance the academic experience and improve achievement for all students, enhanced co-curricular and extra-curricular programs, and transportation improvements.

      This fall, KCPS will host four public meetings to share the recommendations with community stakeholders and obtain feedback (see calendar for meeting dates). Parents, staff, students and community members are encouraged to attend one of the public meetings to learn more about the recommendations and provide their feedback. After consideration of community feedback, KCPS Administration will provide updates and ask the board for approval of final master plan recommendations in February. If approved, KCPS will then work with parents, students, staff and the community to implement the recommendations and to ensure a smooth transition for our families and staff.

To learn more the recommendations: 
(*Find Your School is based solely on geographic location.  In limited circumstances, KCPS uses other factors to determine student assignment.  For example, if your student receives ELL (English Language Learners) or EE (Exceptional Education / SpEd) programming, their neighborhood school could differ from what is listed.)

Summary KCPS Master Plan Recommendations

  • Develop a year-round calendar for our lowest-performing elementary schools
  • Provide new instructional support for the middle schools, including Project Lead the Way curriculum and training
  • Implement college and career theme-based high schools
  • Enhance co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities for all students
  • Focus on developing a strong and positive culture in every school so that students feel safe and welcome
  • Establish neighborhood school feeder patterns that keep students together with their cohorts on a path from Kindergarten through high school


  • Set school attendance boundaries so children walk no more than a half-mile
  • Create fixed bus stops so students walk no more than two blocks to a bus stop
  • Make schedules and routes more consistent


  • Reduce administrative costs by $750,000 a year
  • Save $680,000 a year by relocating the Board of Education/Central Office
  • Save $650,000 a year by reducing the cost of maintaining surplus sites
  • Pursue tax incentive policy changes


  • Close Southwest Early College Campus 
  • Close Crispus Attucks Elementary School
  • Close Satchel Paige Elementary School
  • Revise boundaries to make enrollment and transportation more efficient and effective

Altogether, about 15 percent of our current students will be impacted by school closures, consolidations or boundary changes. All of our students will benefit from the enhancements enabled by these changes. It will be up to our Board of Directors — your elected representatives — to decide if this is the right plan. As always, the Board has the prerogative to ask for additional feedback or changes to the plan. The Board expects more engagement with the public around the Master Plan through the first of the year. The Board anticipates that it will vote on the recommendations by early spring.


WHAT is the Master Plan?

Kansas City Public Schools is conducting a master planning study to maximize opportunities for student achievement and to increase enrollment by delivering the best academic and extra-curricular programs possible within the available financial resources.  The master plan will look at issues such as: academic priorities, extra-curricular needs, facility needs, transportation needs, enrollment boundaries, budgetary impacts.


More than 2,500 parents, students, teachers, staff, and community members have shared their ideas about how to improve their schools with KCPS and the consulting team of MGT and David Mason & Associates. Even if you haven’t participated thus far, KCPS wants to hear from you.  See the How? Section for details.


KCPS is gathering community feedback through a variety of medium. For upcoming meetings, please check out the master plan calendar for details. You can also share your feedback via an on-line survey and/or text survey (coming soon). Or email us at masterplan@kcpublicschools.org



  • September – December 2013: KCPS staff conducts technical assessment  & community engagement
  • October 2014 – March 2015: Consultant (MGT) conducts technical assessment & community engagement
  • April 2015: MGT presents recommendations to School Board/Superintendent
  • May - October 2015: KCPS staff reviews/assesses MGT recommendations
  • November 2015: KCPS staff presents recommendations to the School Board
  • November 2015: Stakeholder engagement meetings
  • February 2016: Board decision on recommendations 
  • February – August 2016 School Year: Transition plan activities/programs (if approved) 
  • Fall 2016: Implementation of Master Plan (if approved) 

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