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Facilities Master Plan Temporarily Paused Until Late Summer/Fall of 2014
Middle School Assignments and Boundaries
KCPS middle school assignments are based off feeder patterns where elementary schools feed into middle schools. This means that students who live within the same elementary school boundary will all attend the same middle school. The goal is to keep students together with their neighbors and classmates as they transition from elementary school to middle school, thus easing the transition to a new school setting and building relationships between the elementary school and middle school. 

What is a Facilities Master Plan?

Kansas City Public Schools (KCPS) is developing a long-range facilities plan that will guide capital improvement decisions for the next five years (SY14/15 - SY18/19) to ensure that facility investments are aligned with our academic priorities.

The primary purpose of the Facilities Master Plan is to evaluate the adequacy of existing educational facilities and assess which facilities and facility improvements are needed to improve the learning environment of all KCPS students. It will also identify a financing strategy for completing the necessary facility improvements and assess opportunities for expanding/enhancing meaningful opportunities for joint use/community use of KCPS facilities.

Who is developing the plan?

You! Students, parents, teachers, staff, community members. The entire KCPS community. There are multiple ways to get involved and share your feedback. Public meetings, student focus groups, KCPS Forum, an easy online tool to share your feedback. In addition, this fall each school will have an area dedicated to the Facilities Master Plan where you can share your feedback about the needs of your school.

KCPS has formed an Advisory Committee that includes parents, educators, business and civic leaders, and representatives of the design and construction fields. The Advisory Committee will represent local stakeholders, guide the planning process and provide recommendations to Superintendent Green and the school board.
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