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  • South Middle School Steering Committee


    The KCPS Master Plan, approved in February 2016, called for the creation of a steering committee to investigate the potential of opening a 3rd middle school that would serve the community south of Brush Creek.

    In order to better understand middle school needs/wants, KCPS began collecting feedback via an on-line survey. To date, more than 1,000 community members have taken the survey and more than 200 parents and community members expressed interest in serving on the steering committee.  

    The steering committee includes representatives from KCPS, charter and private schools, as well as community organizations.  The committee is tasked with the important work of assessing the opportunities/challenges in establishing a neighborhood middle school that serves students who live south of Brush Creek and making recommendations to the Superintendent/KCPS Board of Directors. A list of the steering committee members can be found HERE.

    Meeting #2 (02/11/17):


    Meeting #1 (01/21/17):


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