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Kirksey's Corner Volume 4 Feb.


Now that the holidays are over we are ready to hit the ground running.  First up the Hartman Spelling Bee; we’ve completed our Hartman spell off and we have six winners.  The winners are:

                                                Rakiya Jenkisn – 1st Grade – Mrs. Fowler

                                                Dae’Ona Toliver – 2nd Grade – Ms. Atkinson

                                                Michael Walton – 3rd Grade – Mrs. Harton

                                                DaeMaya Toliver – 4th Grade – Mrs. Roenigk

                                                Layan Alasiry  - 5th Grade – Ms. Cox

                                                Mekhai Blackmon 6th Grade – Mr. Bowman


As a sixth grader Mekhai Blackmon will represent Hartman Elementary at the Jackson/Johnson county Spelling Bee which will be held in February.  Congratulations to all Hartman grade level Spelling Bee Winners, you are awesome


Our students are also preparing for NWEA testing.   NWEA measures math and reading for K- 3rd & 6th grade.  NWEA also measures math, reading and science for 4th and 5th graders. I’m asking that all parents, teachers, and staff continue to encourage our students to do their very best while testing.  Parents and staff can help by making sure our students report to school on time, eat a good breakfast and get a good night sleep.  The ultimate goal for our students is to meet and exceed the score the district has set and have the test results reflect their educational growth.


At Hartman we want our students to develop great character.  The six pillars of character are trustworthiness: be honest, be reliable, don’t deceive, cheat or steal, respect: follow the golden rule, be tolerant and accepting of differences, responsibility: do what you are supposed to do, always do your best, show self-control, fairness: play by the rules, caring: be kind, be compassionate, show you care and finally citizenship: do your share to make your school and community better. 


Last but not least, I cannot stress to you the importance of attendance.  Parents, please make a special effort to get your students to school every day, on time and ready to learn.  The Hartman teachers and staff are here to serve you; we want to make sure your students are successful now and in the future.


Remember Hartman students and staff, we are the Best!

Dr. Jessie Kirksey

Principal – John T. Hartman Elementary