Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1 How does the counseling office help us plan for college?
    A1 Juniors and seniors receive frequent communication regarding the steps to college research, college admission, scholarships, and financial aide.
    Q2 How do I send my high school transcript to a college or to a scholarship provider?
    A2 Complete a transcript request form in the main office. Include the mailing address of the institution.15 transcripts are included in your senior dues.
    Q3 I need general and specific information about a college, where can I find this information?
    A3 The best source of information is the college website. Frequent changes to procedures and costs make it impossible for your counselor to keep up with specific information on thousands of colleges and programs.
    Q4 When do I apply for college?
    A4 The College application process begins in September of the senior year. Many colleges begin making admission and scholarship decisions in Nov. and the sooner the better.
    Q5 When should I apply for scholarships?
    A5 There are some scholarships that are available to juniors..but not many. Most scholarships are awarded to seniors by the college where they apply. This happens between Oct. and Feb. The next group of scholarship opportunities happen throughout the fall and winter. These are available on website like fastweb and are posted on the Lincoln Counseling website area.
    Q6 What is FAFSA? When do I apply?
    A6 FAFSA is Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Seniors can apply beginning in January of their senior year. Completing a FAFSA online application allows students to receive federal dollars to pay for college. These are distributed to colleges through Pell grants, Federal WorkStudy and more. Every senior should submit the FAFSA so that your college can access federal $$ for your education.
    Q7 What is a quickest way to get a counselor question answered?
    A7 Email is the fastest way. We check our email more frequently than our voicemail.
    Q8 How can I change my schedule? 
    A8 At the beginning of each semester we work with students to correct errors on schedules. Sometimes students change their mind about a course that they have selected and want to make a change. Students need to complete a schedule change request form within the first few (3) days of the new semester. If there is room in the class and the move does not create an overload in other classes, we will make the change.
    Q9 Where do I find information about my student's progress in class?
    A9 The most accurate information will come from your student's online gradebook or the teachers. An email request for information is the fastest and best method. If you have concerns about what is happening in class, contact the teacher or grade-level administrator to set up a time to talk by phone or in person.
    Q10 How can my student receive help in they are having difficulty with a class?
    A10 Contact the teacher to determine if your student is completing class and homework. Lincoln has tutoring and homework help after school.
    Q11 How does my student make an appointment to see their counselor?
    A11 Students can come into the Counseling Office before or after school or between classes to schedule a time to meet with a counselor. A counselor will send for the student during the school day. For more serious problems, a counselor will meet with your student immediately. Students can also get a pass from class to see their counselor during the school day. We look forward to helping students with academic, personal/social issues, and career/college planning.
    Q12 What if I think my child is being bullied or threatened at school?
    A12 Contact your student's administrator or counselor and we will take immediate action to help your student.