• Student Discipline Office

    The Student Discipline Office is charged with affording due process to students who have allegedly violated the Code of Student Conduct and/or the Missouri Safe Schools Acts. As the superintendent's designee for discipline related matters, the Student Discipline Officer conducts a variety of conferences including: 
    • Disciplinary Hearings
    • Disciplinary Meetings
    • Mediations  
    • Reinstatement Conferences 
    • Safe School Act Conferences 
    Such conferences are conducted in order to determine if additional disciplinary consequences are warranted and/or to determine appropriate educational placements or services. The Student Discipline Office is available to assist parents/guardians with any questions or concerns regarding any discipline issues.
    The Code of Student Conduct is designed to encourage students to accept responsibility for their actions, teach students to respect the rights of others, facilitate learning, and promote the orderly operation of all Kansas City Public Schools.  

    Darran Washington
    Student Discipline Officer

    Jocelyn Warrick
    Legal Secretary

    Board of Education Building
    1211 McGee Street, Suite 100B