Hello, KCPS families, friends, staff and visitors!

    Dr Mark Bedell

    As most of you know, students across KCPS are demonstrating their academic mastery by taking Missouri Assessment Program and end-of-course exams. This is obviously a critical process for our scholars, our schools and our school system. We know that our academic growth is one of the most important components of our improvement process. Quite simply, we must ensure that our students are at grade level or making significant gains in that direction. This is non-negotiable. Our community deserves nothing less.

    Little things make a big difference during standardized testing. Parents can help by making sure their children get plenty of sleep and healthy meals and are at school on time. I encourage all of our teachers to create a positive testing environment in their classrooms. Remind your students that their hard work will pay-off. Use calm music, lighting and breathing techniques to reduce their anxiety. Even our community is stepping up to help our kids. The good folks at the Waldo coffeehouse One More Cup led an effort by independent coffeehouses across the city to gather encouraging notes and donated snacks for elementary school students during their MAP testing. I want to thank all of the business owners and customers who contributed to this great initiative! I learned through hands-on experience during my own time as a teacher that these things have a real impact.

    I've written these words before, and I will do so again and again and again: we have a big job in KCPS and we are the right professionals to get this job done! We are built for this!

    Yours in education,
    Dr. Mark Bedell
    Superintendent of Schools