• Central Services

    College for Every Student – CFES 

    Central High School is proud to be one of the 150 schools that is home to "College for Every Student" (CFES). CFES is a nonprofit organization that is committed to raising the academic aspirations and performances of students, as they prepare for, gain access to, and succeed in college. The core practices of CFES are Pathway's to College, Mentoring and Leadership through Service. CHS has over 35 students who are currently a part of this program as they continue their education at Central.


    Central Readers are Leaders Book Club

    Central Book Clubs are having a great time gathering together to discuss various books. We are fortunate that Ms. Mary Thompson of the Kansas City Public Library is available to join our Book Club activities. The book club has read over eight books and is looking forward to a new school year of reading. By Partnering with Kansas City Public Library, our students have access to library cards and are encouraged to attend events at their local library branch. 

    ING Grant 

    Over 15 students have registered to participate in the ING Grant program "Segregation Denied". The students will visit three historical sites to understand how desegregation has affected the current educational climate. After the students take their field trips, they will interview graduates from the Central High School class of 1959, who are members of the first fully integrated class after the Brown vs. The Board of Education decision in 1954. We will update the students' journey into the past in order to shape the future.

    Pave The Way

    After school program for ages 16 through 18 (on-site)

    Swope Parkway Health

    Social Workers and Counseling Team (on-site)

    Ad Hoc Group Against Crime

    School/Neighborhood conflict resolution and mediation (on call)

    Aim 4 Peace  

    School/Neighborhood conflict resolution and mediation (on call)