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  • How do I install a network printer?

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    Network Printers are printers which are owned by the district and are used by multiple computers. Typically they are Xerox Multi-Function Printers and are serviced by a contractor. You can set up your computer to print to one of these Xerox printers on your own, or if you have trouble with this process, you can fill out an online help ticket so that a technician can assist you. When filling out your help ticket, please be as descriptive as possible when noting which part of the process you had difficulty with, which troubleshooting steps you have already tried, and the make/model of the printer you wish to install.



    Installation Using Windows Explorer

    This process has 4 basic steps:

              1. Find the Printer Name

              First, you will need to know the name or IP address of your printer.

              This is usually found on the front of the printer itself. 
              If not, you can check with someone else who has successfully printed to that printer, or you can fill out an online help ticket so that a technician can assist you.

              2. Find out your "Hub." 
              All schools and buildings in the Kansas City Public Schools are grouped into "hubs." 
              Each hub has a different address they will need to type into their browser later. 
              Find your school or building in the tables at the end of the article and copy the address next to it for later use.

              3. Click the Start Button
              On your computer, locate the start button ( in the lower left-hand corner of the screen) and type in the address you noted earlier.

              4. Find your copier
              In the list that appears, find the name of the printer you want to connect to and double-click on it.



    Installation Using Internet Explorer

    Click on the printer you want to install.

    Click on the Connect link to install the printer.

    Click Yes at the prompt.

    After installation, click the back arrow to return to the printer listing.

    Finding the Hub for your Site/School


    East HS Success Academy HS Lincoln HSNortheast HSManual and BOE BuildingsAttucksGarciaGladstoneJamesLongfellowPhillipsRogersTrailwoodsWheatleyWhittier

    Central Paseo HS Carver  Faxon   FLA King / Weeks  Melcher Richardson Building

    ACE Campus   SWECC Banneker  Border Star Hartman  Holliday Success Academy @ Knotts Paige Pitcher  Troost    






    If you receive a page that says: 

              “Printer Installation Failed because you do not have enough privilege to complete the printer installation on the local machine,” 

    you will need the assistance of a Technician.

    In that case, please fill out a work order or contact the HelpDesk and explain that you need help installing a copier/printer.

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  • How Do I Get My Printer/Printing Issue Fixed?

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    District Approved Xerox Multi-Function Copiers

         Physical/Part Issues

                  Contact Evolv Solutions directly if you are experiencing a physical copier issue such as a paper jam.

                  Phone: 1-866-237-9728

                  Web:    http://xerox.com/support

         Software Issues

                  Please place a service request online.


    Stand-Alone Printers 

    Standalone printers may have been purchased by buildings and/or departments. All supplies for these printers are the responsibility of the buildings and/or departments. KCPS technicians will assist with the setup and repair of these printers but all repair costs are the responsibility of the building and/or department.

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  • How Do I Get Supplies For My Printer?

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    Xerox Multi-Function Printer/Copiers (MFPs)

    Supplies are maintained via district contract with Evolv Solutions. They are responsible for the lease of Xerox Multi-Function Printers or MFPs (NOT desktop/stand-alone printers) to our sites. 

    Copier ink/toner is ordered automatically (when the copier is at a re-order point) by each MFP, The order is placed directly to Evolv Solutions as part of our service contract with them. If you are not receiving supplies (or are receiving excess supplies), please email and address it the following individuals:

    To: Aaron Williams, Evolv Solutions (awilliams@evolvsolutions.com).

    Cc: Larry Weissman (lweissma@kcpublicschools.org), Camille Allen (callen@kcpublicschools.org)  


         Please include the following information:

         School Contact Name

         Phone Number

         Location of the device

         Model Number (i.e. 5150, 7535…etc.)  


    This helps track the settings for your machine and adjust accordingly. DO NOT contact Xerox directly.

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  • What About Large Print Jobs & Professional Printing?

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    Please see the Office Max Document section for further information.

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