• Procedure for Requesting Language Services Interpreters/Translators

    Email Joyce Troop (jtroop@kcpublicschools.org) with the following information: student’s name/ID, specific reason for the request with as much detail as possible, language needed, and any other relevant information.

    For document translations, please keep in mind that our translators may not always be immediately available. For this reason, we request that you give us at least two day’s notice before your document is needed.

    Please note that there languages in our district that our interpreters and translators do not speak. The current languages we have available are Spanish, Somali, Swahili, Kinyarwanda, Kirundi, Arabic, Burmese, and Karen. If you need a language for which we cannot provide services, please contact Kristina Collins (kcollins@kcpublicschools.org) for information on how to proceed via our language contractor, JVS. 

    Tips for Effectively Using an Interpreter

    If possible, talk with the interpreter about the issue to be discussed before the parent arrives.

    Greet the parent. Introduce them to the interpreter and anyone else who is present at the meeting.
    Speak slowly, with pauses after each sentence to allow the interpreter to keep up.

    Keep it simple. Avoid excessive acronyms, figures of speech, metaphors or idioms when possible. 

    Make eye contact with the parent/family member; you are having a conversation with them, not with the interpreter. 
    Don't make assumptions regarding background knowledge. Be ready to explain concepts in more detail to the interpreter upon request.
    Interpreting Equipment
    If you need to borrow our interpreting equipment (headsets and receivers), please use this form. Send the completed form to Joyce Troop. To ensure equipment availability, please give us at least two day's notice.