• Border Star Programs

    Montessori Model UN

    Montessori Model United Nations has partnered with the United Nations to inspire upper elementary and middle schools Montessori students to global citizenship through classroom or after school study which culminates in a two day global education simulation experience in New York with the final assembly at the General Assembly of the United Nations.

    Delegate Sessions

    Our goal is to Inspire youth by engaging them in learning experience where students participate in jumping out of their skin into role-playing by becoming a delegate of their chosen country. They write, present and debate real issues affecting their nation and people of the world. By assuming the character of a citizen of their selected country, they fully develop an understanding of the needs and rights of a people.

    Taking on their ambassadorial roles in a Model UN simulation, students research the issue that their UN committees will address. Model UN participants learn how the international community acts on its concerns about topics including peace an security, human rights, the rights of the child, child labor, the environment, food and hunger, economic development and globalization. Model UN delegates also look closely at the needs, goals and foreign policies of the countries they will represent at the event. The insights they gain from their exploration of history, geography, culture, economics and science contribute to the authenticity of the simulation.

    When they arrive at the MMUN Conference students transform themselves into UN Ambassadors and assume the rights and responsibilities of world leaders. Their imaginations propel them to collaboratively create resolutions to our world’s most pressing problems. MMUN encourages students to know that they can make a difference.
    See http://www.montessori-mun.org/ for more information.


    Border Star Montessori Honors Chorus

    The Border Star Montessori Honors Chorus, directed by Ms. Athena Heironimus, was formed several years ago as a way for students who are interested in music to participate in musical activities during the school year in addition to their music classes. It is a voluntary activity and is dependent upon all members.  Currently, the chorus has approximately 50 students who participate. The choir rehearses Wednesday afternoon from 2:10-3:00.
    Talent Show

    Interested students in fourth through sixth grades are given until September 1st at the beginning, of the year to sign up.  There is a second opportunity at the beginning of second semester to sign up.  The students have a week after the winter break to sign up and attend the first second-semester rehearsal. No audition is currently required. Chorus members are expected to attend all rehearsals and performances. The chorus sings at various school functions as well as off-campus activities.  

    Honors Chorus   

    The Chorus is an honors group – and the expectation is that all students are completing their work on a regular basis, and are in good standing with their classroom teacher.  Additionally, behavior issues cannot be tolerated, and Ms. Heironimus may ask a student to sit out until the semester is complete, and make another effort in the following semester.

    The Border Star Montessori Honors Chorus consists of a fine group of students who adhere to high standards, kindness toward others, and a desire to sing. The students in our chorus take pride in themselves and our school.  Students involved in our chorus are given the opportunity to improve their work ethics as well as explore various musical genres.