• Department of Communications & Engagement


    The department will creatively and effectively engage with our diverse community in a timely manner to support the academic, social and emotional development of our students. We will advocate for systemic equity throughout KCPS.


    • Promote our strengths
    • Connect families with valuable resources
    • Differentiate our messages for our diverse audiences
    • Foster transparent two-way communication with the KCPS system and community at large
    • Acknowledge challenges and promote solutions


    • Improve the flow of information within the KCPS system.
    • Increase the quantity and quality of information between the KCPS and its stakeholders (parents, students and community members)
    • Provide transparency between KCPS and the public
    • Increase organization, polish and professionalism around any district-wide initiative or event
    • Equity work throughout our school system including our department--us telling our equity story

    Office of Communications

    Office of Family and Community Engagement

    The KCPS Office of Family and Community Engagement strives to impact the relationship between students, families, community and civic organizations and the district by increasing the number of opportunities for service provision, encouraging family and community involvement in the education process and ensuring a focus on equitable access to education for the Kansas City community. Areas of focus include:

    Community Engagement and Advocacy

    The planned process (and associated outcomes) of building consistent, permanent and positive relationships for the purpose of developing a shared vision, mobilizing collective effort and building capacity within Kansas City for the success of KCPS students and families. Those relationships are built through community partners and volunteers working N.E.A.R. KCPS teachers and staff members.

    • Notify: Utilize a variety of strategic methods to proactively ensure complete, truthful, transparent and sincere communication within KCPS and throughout the Kansas City community.
    • Embrace: Create meaningful opportunities for the Kansas City community to participate, support, network and learn with KCPS as active partners in the creation of successful policies, practices and programs.
    • Ask: Seek opportunities to listen intently, respond appropriately and act genuinely both formally and informally throughout Kansas City by actively soliciting the views of families and community members.
    • Revive: Establish viable pathways to organize community support into leadership and advocacy opportunities committed to KCPS improvement and a substantial role in creating community change.








    Chief of Marketing and Communication

    Brenda Horn
    Administrative Assistant

    Justin Robinson
    Director, Communications

    Ray Weikal
    Public Relations & Marketing Manager

    Samara Crawford-Herrera
    Manager of Partnerships, Advocacy and Engagement

    Courtney Adams
    Family and Community Outreach Coordinator

    Camila Alvarez
    Outreach and Engagement Services Specialist

    Megan Batchelor

    Lynn Goehring
    Enrollment Marketing Specialist

    Luther Okeyo
    Graphic Design/Videographer

    Kathleen Pointer
    Senior Communications & Policy Strategist

    Valeria Townsel
    Communications Tech