• Community Partners

    We are here to help schools identify, develop and manage volunteers and partners that sponsor educational opportunities that benefit KCPS student, families and employees while coordinating with community organizations and leaders to build additional resources and increase the capabilities of KCPS. This includes:

    • Community Partnership Agreements and Board Document Management
    • Process Volunteer Applications and Background Checks
    • Manage Volunteer Matters for site and project-specific volunteer requirements
    • Coordination of Special Events and Service Projects

    Per Board policy:

    • All volunteers must have background check before working in a KCPS School building
    • All partners must have a signed and agreed upon Memorandum of Understanding before working in a KPS School Building
    • By definition a partner provides programs and service with no charge. For programs with a fee please contact the Office of Purchasing

    If you are interested in knowing more about how to connect your business or community organization with a school, contact our Department of Community Engagement, here