• Counseling Services

    For the third year in a row, our elementary school counselors are providing Kids2College lessons to sixth graders across the district. Provided by The Sallie Mae Fund free of charge, the Kids2College (K2C) curriculum brings early college awareness and college-going culture to our schools.

    Over the course of six in-classroom sessions, sixth graders learn about different careers and the importance of being college ready. The curriculum uses age-appropriate and interactive activities that reinforce the importance of setting students' sights on college. Student handbooks and a companion teacher's guide help facilitate the program in the classroom, and related take-home materials are used to facilitate family discussion. To conclude the program, students and parents participate in a group visit to a local college campus to cement the college experience.
    For more information and free resources on how to prepare for college early, visit www.kids-2-college.org.

    Kids2College Curriculum

    If you are a parent and would like to know more about the Kids2College curriculum, visit this website for an overview and outline of the program: http://www.thesalliemaefund.org/initiatives/kids2college/

    Kids2College Student Lessons

    If you are a sixth-grade student working on a lesson in your classroom, use the following links to complete your lesson using Google Forms. If necessary, your school counselor or teacher will provide you with the password.

    Lesson One: Higher Education Options

    Lesson Two: Career Exploration

    Lesson Three: I'm Going to College!

    Lesson Four: Paying for College