• Division of Human Resources

    The Division of Human Resources will implement a strategic talent management framework that attracts, develops, supports, and evaluates employees, maximizing personal and organizational performance and facilitating a diverse workforce committed to creating a culture of deliberate excellence.


    KCPS, an employer of choice, will achieve and maintain an engaged and high-performing workforce that is committed to graduating globally competitive students.

    Additionally, the Division of Human Resources:

    • Develops and implements a plan for teacher recruitment initiatives
    • Continues a systematic process for the selection of “highly qualified” teachers
    • Hires teachers, support services personnel, and administrative positions
    • Identifies and recruits for administrative positions both internally and externally
    • Provides new hire and benefits orientation to new employees
    • Ensures that all teachers and paraeducators meet certification and applicable requirements
    • Partners with the Office of Professional Development in designing and implementing a professional development model for new and existing teachers
    • Optimizes the use of all technology resources to attract and retain highly qualified teachers and paraeducators
    • Disseminates and communicates appropriate educational background and certification information to principals
    • Provides Equal Employment Opportunity services to employees related to discrimination complaints and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accommodations
    • Responds to employees and retirees regarding inquiries and benefit enrollment information
    • Provides and maintains competitive salaries
    • Analyzes data for tracking purposes, for assignment of staff to schools, and for the appointment of administrators to schools
    • Works together with school administrators to prepare information for the proper allocation of staffing
    • Provides professional development to managers, supervisors, and administrators to increase their knowledge and familiarity with the negotiated agreements and appraisal process