Parent Organizations

District Advisory Committee (DAC)

Kansas City Public Schools has a District Advisory Committee (DAC) that meets every other month at 5:30 pm in the KCPS District School Board Room at the Board of Education Building (2901 Troost Ave.)

Every school is asked to send a representative, and parents and community members are also welcome to attend. The DAC addresses school issues and concerns and allows parents to network, share ideas and solve problems cooperatively. In addition, the DAC serves in an advisory role to the District’s Board of Education.

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Paseo Academy School Advisory Committee (SAC)


The School Advisory Council is a peer elected, collaborative team that works to improve student achievement, effective teaching in the classroom, and parent and community engagement in the educational process.

SAC is a school-based volunteer group made up of parents and families of students, community members and school staff.

What is the School Advisory Council?

Though the School Advisory Committee (SAC) is led by parents, it is not just a parent group. The SAC brings parents, alumni, administrators, faculty, staff, and community and business partners together to make sure our students have the resources and support they need to succeed. SAC members help our students by:

  • Getting the word out about our successes
  • Discussing our challenges
  • Volunteering to support success and address challenges
  • Organizing and/or helping with activities and events
  • Staying updated on KCPS news and activities

What is the role of the School Advisory Council?

The School Advisory Council is responsible for final decision making at the school relating to the implementation of the provisions of the annual School Improvement Plan (SIP). The SAC assists in the annual preparation and evaluation of both the SIP and the school’s annual budget. Among the functions of SAC are:

  • Support Academic Achievement
  • Improve School Climate
  • Strengthen Family and Community Engagement

Who serves on the School Advisory Council?

Beginning July 1, 2008, it is a requirement that the majority of the members of the School Advisory Council are persons who are not employed by the school district. SAC should be composed of the Principal and an appropriately balanced number of teachers, education support employees, students, parents, and other business and community citizens who are representative of the ethnic, racial, and economic community served by the school. Certain members are elected by their peers, while business and community members are appointed, and the Principal automatically serves. Only students in secondary schools serve on a SAC.

5 Reasons to Join Paseo Academy SAC:

  1. Benefit your child
    Research shows that children perform better when parents are involved both at home and school
  2. Get Connected
    There is no better way to know what’s happening at school
  3. Tap into a Network
    SAC connects you to other parents and teachers through meetings, events, and communications, helping to build a sense of community
  4. Be a Role Model
    By becoming a member of Paseo Academy SAC, you’ll be demonstrating to your child the importance you place on education
  5. Witness Improvement
    By getting involved in Paseo Academy SAC, you will be part of the solution – helping to “Make Best Better”


Q & A

Who is the SAC Executive Team?

  • Melvin L. Brown, SAC Chair, email
  • Tiaira Trotter, Vice Chair, email
  • Larnell G. Jones, Secretary, email
  • Wilbert Veal, Treasurer, email
  • Darren Woodruff, Sergeant in Arts, email
  • Cheryl Goodwin, Title I Representative, email

How often do we meet?
Paseo Academy SAC meets every second Thursday of the month at 6:00 PM 

Where do we meet?
In Room 138

How to contact us?
Email us at