• Transitioning Up to Middle School

  • What are tranisition days?

    KCPS Middle School Transition Days gives 6th graders the opportunity to see the building and meet the people at the middle school campus they will attend in the fall. Buses will transport all 6th graders in from their elementary school to Central Middle.

    What is the transition day parent night?

    KCPS Transition Day Parent Night gives parents of 6th graders the same opportunity their students got. They will be able to see the building and the meet the people at the middle school campus. They can only find out more information about the activities that will be available for their student.

    When is the jump day and parent night?

    Jump day for the students will occur on Wednesday, March 21 and Thursday, March 22. Parent night is Thursday, March 22 at all the neighborhood middle schools (Central Middle and Northeast Middle).

    How do I find out which middle school my student will be attending?

    Central Middle is the middle school for this elementary school.