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    MSHSAA - Eligibility (High Schools and Middle Schools)

    Grades 9-12

    • You must have earned, the preceding semester of attendance, a minimum of 3.0 units of credit or have earned credit in 80% of the maximum allowable classes in which any student can be enrolled in the semester, whichever is GREATER, at your school.
    • For your current semester, you must be enrolled in and regularly attending courses that offer 3.0 units of credit or 80% of the maximum allowable credits which may be earned at your school, whichever is GREATER.
    • Credits earned or completed after the close of the semester will not fulfill this requirement. Summer high school courses for FALL academic eligibility may count provided the course is necessary for graduation or promotion or is a core subject course, and credit is placed on the school transcript. No more than one unit of credit in summer school shall be counted toward fall eligibility.
    • Students promoted for the first time into 9th grade are considered academically eligible for the first semester after promotion.
    • Do not drop courses without first consulting with your school principal, athletic director or counselor to determine whether doing so will affect your eligibility.

    Grades 7-8

    • You must be enrolled in a normal course load for your grade at the member school.
    • You will be ineligible if you failed more than one class the previous grading period.
    • You must have been promoted to a higher grade prior to the first day of classes for the new school year.
    • Students promoted for the first time into 7th grade are considered academically eligible for the first grading period after promotion.

    KCPS students that participate in Fine Arts Activities/Events(Theatre, Choir, Band, Orchestra, Debate) sanctioned by the Missouri State High School Activities adhere to all regulation of the MSHSAA. The eligibility of students who participate in these events is determined by the eligibility requirements of the MSHSAA. These requirements are discussed with participating students and monitored each semester at the building level. Students are to follow the KCPS Code of Student Conduct just as they would during the school day.

    Students may be restricted from activity/event participation if they do not meet the MSHSAA eligibility regulations, or for violations of the KCPS Code of Student Conduct. Length of restriction for violations would be handled by the building administration.


    MSHSAA Pre-Participation Form

    Every student-athlete must have a pre-participation physical documented and submitted prior to participating in any athletics programs under the purview of the Kansas City Public Schools Athletic Department. Participation Physical Evaluation PDF

    Concussion Education

    Head injuries may occur in any of the athletic programs in the Kansas City Public Schools. As such, parents and student-athletes are required to understand the signs and symptoms of concussions and what to do in the case there is one. The MSHSAA Education Series "Know Your Concussion ABC's" packet informs students and parents of the dangers of concussions and the necessary precautions to reduce head injuries. As part of the participation requirements, a written acknowledgment of the education is required prior to a student being allowed participation in any KCPS Athletic Department program. 10-206 MSHAA Concussion Packet PDF