• Citizenship Conduct Expectations

    Network Access

    All students have a user ID and password that gives them access to the computer network and home directory on the “U” drive. Students are responsible for following Kansas City Public Schools’ Technology Use Policy (see Administrative Policy EHB). All users must agree to follow the district’s policies and procedures. A copy of the KCPS Technology Use Form is included in the forms page

    Recording of Classes

    Creating a video or audio recording in the school setting is prohibited unless being done for specific curricular purposes as determined by school officials.

    Social Media Usage

    Students are encouraged to always exercise the utmost caution when participating in any form of social media or online communications, both within the KCPS community and beyond. Students who participate in online interactions must remember that their posts are subject to the same behavioral standards set forth in the Code of Student Conduct.

    Since social media reaches audiences far beyond the community and can leave lasting impressions, students must use social sites responsibly and be accountable for their actions. Students should consider not posting or linking anything to social networking sites that they would not want peers, teachers, college admissions officers, or future employers to access. Students should be sure to utilize privacy settings to control access, never share personal information with parties unknown on unsecured sites and be protective of site passwords. Misrepresentation of someone else’s identity should also be avoided.

    Students should remember to be respectful to others. When responding to someone during a disagreement, be sure that criticism is constructive and not hurtful. Refrain from a profane, obscene or threatening language. Cyberbullying is considered an act of harassment. Cyberbullying is sending or posting harmful or cruel texts or images using the Internet or other digital communication devices. Cyber threats are online materials that threaten or raise concerns about violence against others, suicide, or self-harm. Students involvement in cyber-bullying or cyber threats may result in disciplinary action as described in the Code of Student Conduct.