Transportation Services

Students, parents/guardians, bus drivers and school officials share in the responsibility of ensuring that students are safe during their travels to and from school and/or an activity. Students are responsible for adhering to all the rules of conduct while waiting or riding a school bus. Students who fail to observe the rules will be subject to disciplinary action since their failure to do so may affect the safety of others. Therefore, the district reserves the right to modify or cancel transportation services at any time within the parameters set forth by applicable laws, regulations, and board policy.

School Bus Privileges

Both the State of Missouri and the Kansas City Public Schools consider the school bus as an extension of the school and students are required to exhibit proper conduct. It is a privilege to ride the bus and as such that privilege can be taken away for certain acts of misconduct.

District - Provided Transportation -- Eligibility

  • Students who live .5 miles or more from the school they attend are eligible for transportation.
  • District transportation is not provided for students who elect to attend a comprehensive community school other than their neighborhood school.