• African Centered College Preparatory Academy (ACCPA)

    • ACCPA is a program located at Southeast High School.
    • ACCPA offers a rigorous college preparatory academic curriculum for utilizing African and African-American history to provide cultural and academic information to students.
    • The African centered philosophy focuses on teaching principles such as self-esteem and empowerment, responsible citizenship and other values taken from a classical view of a traditional African society.
    • Each course will be driven by the following African-Centered components:
      • Spirituality (ancestral connections, the interconnectedness of life, values and morals development process, Rituals and routines)
      • Teaching and Learning Processes (movement, music, songs, verve, peer coaching and tutoring, proverbs and poems)
      • Content & Knowledge (African-culture, African-history, African-contributions, African-worldview, search for truth, critical analysis, correction of historic events, self-knowledge – knowing who you are and your place in the world, the world’s view you as you grow, and Nguzo Saba)
    • Emotional and Social (family relationships, family interactions, communal values, moral develop)

    Early College Academy KCPS/MCC - Penn Valley

    • Program emphasis on achieving an Associate of Arts degree and high school diploma concurrently.
    • Students enter the Academy at the end of their tenth-grade year and begin as full-time college students their eleventh and twelfth-grade years.
    • Students spend their junior and senior years on the Penn Valley campus taking from 12-17 college hours a semester.
    • Students who successfully complete the Academy graduate with their high school diploma and an Associate of Arts degree (approximately 60-63 college credits).

    Health Sciences Accelerated Academy

    • HSAA is a program located at East High School.
    • Emphasis on the career path in Health Sciences.
    • Students enter the Academy in tenth grade where they are enrolled in college preparatory classes and dual enrollment classes through the end of their 12th-grade year.
    • Students spend their sophomore, junior and senior years on the Penn Valley campus taking college courses and completing contact hours within their cohort.
    • Students who successfully complete the Academy graduate with their high school diploma, CAN Training and licensure, CPR certification, approximately 12 college hours, 120 contact hours, and a paid summer internship placement.

    Exceptional Education Transition Planning

    • Emphasis on providing students the opportunity to develop the skills needed to transition from school to the world of work or postsecondary education.
    • Offered to all secondary school students receiving special education services who will turn 16 years of age during the current Individualized Education Plan (IEP) year. Transition planning is the foundation in developing the IEP and is an ongoing process.
    • Transition planning helps to empower students to set realistic life and employment goals and to develop and implement a plan to achieve their goals.
    • This planning may also include community-based off-campus programs to develop independence through volunteer experiences. Students may also participate in various work experiences which gives students an opportunity to work while receiving academic and elective credits.

    Career & Technical Programs

    • Emphasis on career paths in Culinary Arts, Construction Technology, Automotive Collision Repair, Automotive Technology and Healthcare.
    • Students enter the program in the eleventh or twelfth-grade year where they are eligible for dual enrollment classes.
    • Students who successfully complete the program graduate with their high school diploma and depending on the career or technical program earn various certifications, up to 12 college hours and gain access to employment placement services.

    Alternative Schools and Programs

    Missouri Option Program

    • The Missouri Option program is designed to target students who have the capabilities to complete Missouri high school graduation requirements, but for a variety of reasons, lack the credits needed to graduate with their class and are at risk of leaving school without a high school diploma.
    • The program specifically targets those students who are 17 years of age or older and are at least one year behind their cohort group or for other significant reasons not able to be successful in a traditional high school setting.

    Success Academy Alternative School (Elementary & Secondary)

    • This program is for students with chronic behaviors who require additional rehabilitative and alternative educational supports.
    • Students are placed on a behavior plan/contract.
    • Academic and behavioral supports are offered. All students receive an entry plan which will include a strategy for returning students to the regular school setting.

    Credit Recovery (Day Time)

    • This program is for students who need to recover a credit because of a failing or incomplete course.
    • A district selected learning program will serve as the credit recovery system. Students must complete all required content and demonstrate mastery of the subject to receive credit.
    • This program may be available on a limited basis.

    KCPS Virtual School

    • The KCPS Virtual School is a flexible, free online learning option for students seeking a more personalized education tailored to his or her abilities, style and pace. Students work independently using a rigorous curriculum with a strong emphasis on math, language arts, and advanced courses.
    • Through the KCPS Virtual School students are able to access their lessons, assessments, projects and teachers or tutors through a “time-shifted” learning format. KCPS Virtual School does not operate within the existing seven-period school day, rather students can engage in their coursework throughout the day, from anywhere they can access the Internet.
    • Although students are to work independently and at their own pace, the parent/guardian plays a vital role in their student’s success. The parent/guardian monitors the student’s daily activities, encourages progress, provides homework and communicates with the teacher(s). Students and parents are required to attend an orientation session at the beginning of each semester.

    Exceptional Education

    504 Homebound

    Phone: 816-418-8941

    • This accommodation is for students with a 504 Accommodation Plan who have a medical condition requiring educational services to be provided at home.

    IEP Homebound

    Phone: 816-418-8941

    • This program is for students who have been identified as an exceptional education student and his/her IEP team has determined that the most appropriate setting to educate the child would be at home.