• Virtual School

    February 7th is the cutoff date to enroll in Virtual School for 2nd semester.

    Grades K-12

    Students access KCPS approved K-12 school courses through vendor provided platforms with vendor provided instructors. Students work independently with the support of a vendor-provided teacher. Because taking online courses is different from taking courses in a traditional face-to-face classroom, it’s good for students to know what courses will entail and what kind of support they’ll need to be successful. Research shows that students who are well prepared and well supported for this new experience do better in their classes.​

    Why consider an online course?

    Virtual School can meet specific challenges and student need, including providing:

    • Alternatives for scheduling conflicts
    • Electives and enrichment options
    • Flexibility for homebound and at-risk students
    • Credit recovery programs
    • 24/7 access to curriculum (anywhere, any time)

    What courses are available with Virtual School?

    Virtual School offers more than 50 different courses that are aligned with the KCPS curriculum.

    Browse the complete course listing ->


    How will students enroll in Virtual School?

    Virtual School enrollment will follow the same process as traditional course enrollment. Students should start by scheduling a meeting with their counselor to discuss online options.

    Each semester Virtual School secondary students enroll in seven credit hours to meet the requirements for graduation. Online courses are part of this course load to fulfill the needed credits for graduation.

    How do I know if Virtual School is right for me?

    Online learning can be a great option for some students, but this style of learning differs from the traditional classroom experience.

    Your school counselor and Extended Learning advisor can help determine if this course of learning is right for you.


    Virtual School is offered to students of KCPS with approval of the student's school counselor and the Extended Learning advisor. If you are a KCPS student and have questions about Virtual School, please make an appointment with your school counselor. If your student is not currently a KCPS student, please contact the Office of Extended Learning at 816-418-7780.

    Additional KCPS Virtual Enrollment Information

    • Students and guardian(s) will be required to meet with the Extended Learning Opportunties coordinator to determent future placement.
    • Students and guardian(s) must also attend a placement and orientation meeting prior to beginning Virtual School.
    • If a student has an IEP or 504 plan, the IEP or 504 plan team will meet to decide if Virtual School is appropriate for the student.
    • The enrollment cutoff dates are at the semester midterm date. Students may enroll in a course through midterm of the 1st and 3rd quarter or at anytime with a transer.
    • Students will be placed on probation for lack of progress after a 10-day period and will be removed from the course after 20 days as it may impact their ability to graudate on time.