• Requirements for Graduation

    Students completing the Missouri Option Program will receive a Kansas City Public School District High School Diploma and will be considered a high school graduate.

    The following requirements must be met in order for students to receive a High School Diploma through the Missouri Option Program:

    • 1 credit in an American Government class (Gradpoint) and complete the EOC for this course
    • Passing score on the Missouri Constitution test
    • Passing score on the US Constitution test
    • ½ credit in a Personal Finance class (Gradpoint)
    • ½ credit in a Health class (Gradpoint)
    • ½ credit in a Job Skills class (Gradpoint)
    • Successful completion of a CPR course
    • Successful completion of the HiSET exam
    • Successful completion the 30 hours (Not working) or 15 of classroom instruction per week (i.e. – 15 hours are for students who currently work the other half of the school day; Work Verification must be submitted and approved prior)
    • Successful completion of the 15 work hours/volunteer hours per week (i.e. – only if attending approved Work Verification or Volunteer form is approved prior)
    • Attend 1 College Fair
    • Apply to at least 1 College of your choice
    • Take either the ACT, Accuplacer or ASVAB
    • Successful completion of 40 hours of community service hours before graduation as required of all KCPS graduates

    4th Year Senior Students - The student will not receive their diploma until their cohort group’s graduation date. They may receive a copy of their transcript showing that all coursework is completed and a diploma will be issued in June.

    Those students whose cohort group has already graduated and have all of the criteria for graduation completed are eligible to receive their diploma upon completion of the program, regardless of when during the school year that may be. These students are allowed and encouraged to walk in the KCPS MO Option graduation ceremony for that year.

    Cost - The Missouri Option costs nothing to attend. However, there is a cost associated with HiSet in the event a student does not pass on their first try. The cost for the HiSet is $7 per subsection each attempt.

    The Kansas City Public Schools – Missouri Option Program is a voluntary program. The student must follow all program guidelines, requirements, and student responsibilities to maintain admittance in this program.

    *It is very important that each student have a valid state issued id (Driver License, Permit, Non-Drivers Photo State ID or Passport). A student will not be permitted to test without a state-issued photo id!!


    • Students are required to attend 15 hours or 30 hours (Not working) of school per week (3 to 6 hours per day).
    • All missed hours or absences must be made up before a student will be allowed to GRADUATE.
    • If a student is absent, please call the Missouri Option Office at the following number: 816-418-5300.
    • If a student begins to accrue a large amount of missed hours, the parent or guardian will be contacted and a plan of action will be discussed to decrease the number of unexcused absences.
    • If a student acquires 30+ missed hours, the student will be put on an attendance contract. The bulk of said contract will stipulate that if a student acquires one more unexcused absence, he or she will be dropped from the Missouri Option Program.
    • Each student is allowed to be enrolled in the Missouri Option program for a maximum of 2 years, if the requirements for graduation are not met in that time, the student will be dropped from the program.

    Late (Tardy) Arrivals

    Promptness is a requirement! Being on time is the responsibility of the student just as it would be for a job. Students who arrive late will be required to make up any time missed.

    Work/Volunteer Requirement

    • Students will be required to have proof of a job, community service, or other supervised activity before they are admitted into the program.
    • Students will be required to work a minimum of 15 hours a week.
    • Having a job is not the only option for this requirement, a student may do volunteer work at a nonprofit organization. It must be a supervised out of school activity and gives the student at least 15 hours a week.
    • Students will be required to stay at the same employment during the duration of this program unless legitimate and/or unplanned circumstances occur that forces the student to leave or quit (Must notified MO Option Principal).
    • Being fired is not an option. If a student does not abide by this, he or she will be removed from the program. STUDENTS MUST HAVE ALL OF THEIR WORK HOURS UP TO DATE BEFORE BEING ALLOWED TO GRADUATE.


    • In order to qualify to walk in the graduation ceremony ALL of the requirements for graduation (listed above) MUST be completed by a date set by the MO Option Principal.
    • Students completing their coursework after the date set by the MO Option Principal will still be eligible to graduate, but will walk in the graduation ceremony in June.
    • Missouri Option Program graduates walk in the Kansas City Public Schools – Home School High School graduation ceremony - Please contact the MO OP Counselor for more info about the graduation ceremony.