• About Kansas City Public Schools Career Mentors

    Career Mentors

    The KCPS Career Mentoring program matches working or retired business professionals to students in grades 11 – 12. Career Mentors provide career guidance, career exposure, and career planning support for them as they begin their transition into college or the workforce.

    What Can Career Mentors Expect?

    Career Mentors will:

    • Be matched with a student, or group of students, in grades 11 – 12 at Kansas City Public Schools
    • Attend an initial 2 hour, pre-match training
    • Assist students with learning more about the knowledge and skills required to be successful in your career field
    • Commit to supporting their mentee for an entire school year
    • Check in with their mentees once per month; at minimum
    • Connect students to workshops, internships and networking opportunities when possible
    • Invest in the present and future success of a student in Kansas City Public Schools

    How to Apply

    Complete this application to become a Career Mentor. Someone from the Office of Equity, Inclusion and Innovation will be in touch with you regarding next steps. Please email questions mentoring@kcpublicschools.org.

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