• PBIS  Matrix

    The Phillips Behavior Matrix outlines the behavior that is expected of students at school.  We have developed a Behavior Matrix to clearly definjavascript:;e our rules.  The Matrix is designed to take each rule or expectation and apply it to all the settings our students work and play in; classroom, restroom, playground etc. The Matrix is explicitly taught to students the first few weeks of school and reviewed periodically throughout the school year.  Students should be able to state the expectations: Be a Responsible Learner, Be a Safe Learner and Be a Respectful Learner. 

    Once a behavior is taught, the child needs to be motivated to use that behavior in place of a less appropriate behavior.  Motivation will be provide through positive feedback from all the adults that students interact with and the awarding of Tiger Bucks.  This positive feedback will take many forms, for example, if a child is following the rule “Be Safe” a teacher may say “I like the way you are staying safe by walking to line-up”.  This lets the student know he is following the rule.

    Other ways may be to remind or pre-correct the children on certain rules.  “Before we line-up to go outside, do we remember how to walk to stay safe?”  This helps the children to remember the rules.

    A Matrix should be posted in each classroom so that students and teachers can easily refer to the poster.  If you are in need of a poster please notify Ms. Aleman.

    Ms. Aleman will frequently teach classroom guidance lessons that are based on the school wide expectations but classroom teachers are responsible for spending time each week reviewing the expectations and teaching lessons.  Please see the weekly bulletin or calendar for the weekly focus.  Please ask a team member for lesson ideas if needed. 

    • Matrix
    • Expectation/Matrix Teaching Schedule

    Phillips Behavior Matrix


    Be a Responsible Learner

    Be a Safe


    Be a Respectful Learner

    All Settings

    Take care of personal items and school property

    Wear school uniform correctly

    Leave personal technology devices at home

    Walk facing forward

    Be aware of  your surroundings

    Keep hands, feet and other objects to yourself

    Follow all staff directions

    Use appropriate language


    Take notes home to parents

    Be an active listener/learner and produce quality work

    Complete and return assignments

    Maintain personal space

    Stay seated until dismissed by staff

    Be polite and honest

    Treat others the way you want to be treated


    Keep bus clean and in good condition

    Be on time to the bus stop


    Follow bus rules and procedures

    Sit in assigned seat

    Listen to and respect the bus driver and monitor

    Use quiet voices


    Go directly to destination

    Take care of items in the hallways (e.g. posters and displays)

    Stay to the right

    One step at a time

    Walk quietly

    Walk in a single file line


    Clean up after yourself

    Sit at assigned table

    Practice table manners

    Report spills

    Walk in the cafeteria at all times

    Eat your own food

    Use inside voices



    Use restroom quickly, quietly and appropriately

    Return to class promptly

    One person per stall

    Keep restroom floor clean and dry

    Wash hands

    Respect other’s privacy



    Stay in approved areas

    Learn and follow playground rules

    Get along

    Use equipment appropriately

    Look out for others

    Take turns

    Play fair                     

Last Modified on February 18, 2020