• Seal of Biliteracy

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    Through increasing technology, the world is becoming smaller and the increase of bilingual skills are on the rise for professionals in the workplace. A Seal of Biliteracy and the Pathway awards encourage students to pursue biliteracy, honors the skills our students attain and help build a positive culture of diversity within the school setting.

    Students who participate can earn up to 14 college credit hours at a variety of Missouri-based universities. In addition, students with the Seal of Biliteracy not only have the gift of a second language, but also the skills they develop as part of the program are attractive to future employers.

    The Seal of Biliteracy and the Pathway awards are available for all KCPS high school students participating in foreign language coursework.


    • College credit
    • Students learn to value diversity
    • Encourages study of a second language and culture
    • Recognize, promote and praise students for their accomplishment
    • Provide employers with a means of identifying bilingual employees
    • Provide universities with a method to recognize and give credit to applicants
    • Prepare students with 21st-century skills that will benefit them in a global economy and society
    • Strengthen community relationships and honors cultures

    How to Earn

    Demonstrate mastery of two (or more) languages:

    The KCPS Seal of Biliteracy is an award for graduating seniors who can read, write, listen and speak proficiently in English and another language. In order to earn the Seal, students must demonstrate proficiency in those languages according to the criteria below:

    1. Complete all graduation requirements:

      You must fulfill all graduation requirements in order to earn the Seal. You can begin work on the Seal requirements before your senior year. Your transcript will indicate “Seal of Biliteracy” once you have completed all Seal and graduation requirements.

    2. Show English proficiency:

      Students must complete one of the following:

      english proficiency
    3. Show proficiency in a Language Other Than English (LOTE) TEST WINDOW MID-FEBRUARY THROUGH MID-MARCH LOTE proficiency
    4. Show Socio-Cultural Competency (See KCPublicSchools.org/biliteracy for a complete description) DUE APRIL 1 to Counselor

      The purpose of this requirement is to show you can use the language(s) in a real-world context, for communicative purposes.

      You must complete ONE of the following:

      • Interpreting/translating at school or other district function for at least 5 hours in total AND a written reflection in target language
      • Volunteer at a community event or complete a community service project requiring use of both languages AND a written reflection in target language
      • Essay detailing the importance of bilingualism and its impact on you/your community AND panel presentation in target language

    Candidates will be notified of the award the beginning of May.