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Mission Statement

Upholding the promise of an equitable educational experience so Kansas City students thrive socially, emotionally and academically.


14,000+ Students
33 Academic Locations
50+ Languages
2,500+ Employees


The highlights consist of the following:

The Mission Statement that affirms what we do, who we serve, and what we want to achieve.

The Four Commitments, or building blocks, that frame our actions and decisions.

The Goals for 2025 and 2030, aligned to our Four Commitments, that we have set in collaboration with our community.

The Strategies, aligned to our Goals, that we will implement as a community to reach the desired outcomes.


The Four Commitments are the building blocks of what we must do well to achieve the outcomes for students and the district. All centered around equity, they define the capabilities we need and must develop continuously to strengthen instructional effectiveness and organizational infrastructure. Goals for 2025 and 2030 are framed around the Four Commitments.
blueprint 2030 commitments and goals

Commitment 1 focuses on “TEACHING & LEARNING” the most important function of our schools. It advocates for a personalized instructional system that is responsive to the needs of each student.

Commitment 2 recognizes that “SCHOOLS CAN’T DO IT ALONE” it promotes trust, open communication, and healthy partnership with families and community.

Commitment 3 emphasizes “INVESTING IN PEOPLE” by attracting, developing, and retaining high-caliber staff at all levels.

Commitment 4 champions “MANAGING THE SYSTEM” by creating mission-focused structures and processes that will facilitate effective and efficient operations and continuous improvement.

Goals & Measures of Student Success

The Strategic Plan is truly student-centered. Early on during the planning process, we defined the Goals & Measures of Student Success. The goals are the outcomes we want for our students. The measures are indicators of student progress toward those goals.

Commitment 1: Learning

Goal 1A: By 2025, 50% of KCPS 3rd graders will be reading at or above grade level as measured by iReady or district approved universal screener, increasing to 70% by 2030.

Goal 1B: By 2025, KCPS will increase the percentage of students scoring in the top three performance bands on the ELA MAP and EOC assessments by 20%, and by an additional 15% by 2030.

Goal 1C: By 2025, 50% of students performing below grade level will attain their annual growth goals in reading and math as established by student performance on iReady or district approved universal screener, increasing to 75% by 2030.

Goal 1D: By 2025, KCPS will increase the percentage of students scoring in the top three performance bands on the Science MAP and EOC assessments by 25%, and by an additional 15% by 2030.

Goal 1E: By 2025, the percentage of students scoring in the top three performance bands on the Math state assessments will increase by 20% from 2022, and by an additional 15% by 2030.

Goal 1F: By 2025, the four-year high school graduation rate will be 80%, increasing to 85% by 2030.

Goal 1G: By 2025, 75% of eligible graduates will attain at least one Market Value Asset (MVA) in their plan of study, increasing to 100% by 2030.

Goal 1H: By 2025, the proportional attendance rate will be 80%, increasing to 85% by 2030 through an enhanced student experience

Commitment 2: Support, Whole Child and Community Partnerships

Goal 2A: By 2025, all KCPS schools will attain the “Trauma-Informed School” status (Stage 4) based on the Missouri Model Principles of Trauma Informed Care. By 2030, all Stage 4 Trauma- Informed Schools will have robust systems of support for students and their families.

Goal 2B: By 2025, KCPS will create and implement a partner/ volunteer support system to serve students by focusing on academic achievement, accessing resources, and stronger community responsibility. By 2030, all KCPS schools will have an established partner/volunteer support system.

Goal 2C: By 2025, at least 30% of KCPS family engagement activities will focus on building the capacity of families to support and advocate for student learning, increasing to at least 50% by 2030.

Goal 2D: By 2025, KCPS will expand access to and enhance extracurricular and co-curricular opportunities at all grade levels, with 50% of K-12 students participating in at least one extracurricular/co-curricular activity, increasing to 75% by 2030.

Commitment 3: People, Talented Workforce & Strong Relationships

Goal 3A: KCPS will increase our Teachers of Color to 40% by 2025 and achieve a goal of 45% Teachers of Color by 2030.

Goal 3B: By 2025, KCPS will retain 85% of its certified teaching staff through targeted recruitment strategies and delivering high-quality, responsive supports for existing staff members, increasing to 90% by 2030.

Goal 3C: By 2025, KCPS will create and implement a leadership development program with relevant, measurable training opportunities, establishing a leadership pipeline to grow and support all levels of leadership within the district. By 2030, at least 20% of newly appointed school leaders will have come through that pipeline.

Goal 3D: By 2025, 90% of KCPS staff will participate in effective and meaningful professional learning to increase their capacity appropriate to the duties of their job, including cultural competencies, increasing to 100% by 2030.

Goal 3E: By 2025, 80% of customers and stakeholders through monthly and yearly measurement tools, will report they are “Very Satisfied / Satisfied” with the “Overall guidance and support provided by school staff and central office employees,” increasing to 90% by 2030.

Commitment 4: SYSTEM Sustainable & Accredited

Goal 4A: By 2025, KCPS will offer a total of 1,500 Pre-K seats throughout the district, increasing to 2,000 seats or more with the passage of universal Pre-K or equivalent legislation by 2030.

Goal 4B: By 2025, grow K-12 enrollment to 15,000 students, increasing to 17,000 students by 2030.

Goal 4C: Before 2025*, KCPS will secure dedicated funding for the first phase of the 10-year General Obligation Bond plan that addresses deferred maintenance and school modernization needs.

Goal 4D: By 2025, improve satisfaction with internal and external two-way communications, as measured by focus group data, district satisfaction, social media engagement trends and communications analytics by 25%, increasing to 40% by 2030.

Land Acknowledgment

Kansas City Public Schools acknowledges that our schools are built on the ancestral homelands of the Kaw (Kanza or Kansa), Jiwere (Otoe), Nutachi (Missouria), and Wahzhazhe (Osage) Nations and Peoples. We honor and respect the Indigenous Peoples whose land is now part of our district boundaries. We acknowledge that Indigenous Peoples in Kansas City, the state of Missouri, and throughout the United States were forced to cede their territory and endure generations of genocide. Kansas City Public Schools is committed to creating a culture of equity and affirming all communities, especially those who are marginalized. The stories and heritage of Indigenous Peoples will be shared, valued and celebrated within our schools.

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