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Kansas City Public Schools is fully accredited and enrolling families for the 2022-23 school year. Stop by the Board of Education, 2901 Troost Ave., to speak with an enrollment specialist today!

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As Chief of Staff, Ms. Holliday-Scott’s work will focus on facilitating and overseeing the transition team, assessing and reviewing internal district processes, participating in the Blueprint 2030 process and collaborating with executive team members.

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Dr. Davis was named Interim Deputy Superintendent and Chief Equity Officer in July 2022. His departmental oversight includes School Leadership, Curriculum and Instruction, Student Support, Research and Accountability, and Equity, Inclusion and Innovation.

A logo for the Space Grand Challenge on top of a picture of students with laptops. The words KCPS needs volunteers!

This fall, KCPS middle and high schoolers will be joining students across the globe for the 2022 Space Grand Challenge. KCPS is recruiting teachers and cybersecurity industry professionals as coaches.

Board Election

New Board Member Orientation Schedule - April

April 14

Board Meeting (including swearing in of newly elected Board members and election of Board officers)

April 21

Board Orientation Session I
Intro to Board Policies
Building the KCPS Budget – Part I
Basics of the KCPS Equity Policy
Basics of the KCPS Strategic Plan
Newly Elected Board Member State Education Requirements

April 28

Board Meeting (monthly business meeting)


April 2021

Calendar and date display for April 2021

New Board Member Orientation Schedule - May

May 8

Board Orientation Session II
Deeper Dive into Strategic Plan
Pillar A: Educational Strategies K-12
Pillar D: Introduction to the Role of Data within KCPS

May 12

Board Meeting (policy monitoring)

May 19

Board Orientation Session III
Building the KCPS Budget – Part II
KCPS Equity Policy (in depth briefing)

May 26

Board Meeting (monthly business meeting)


May 2021

Calendar and date display for May 2021

New Board Member Orientation Schedule - June

June 5

Board Orientation Session IV
Superintendent Evaluation Process
Pillar C: How KCPS Identifies, Develops and Retains Teachers, Staff,
Principals and Administration

June 9

Board Meeting (policy monitoring)

June 16

Board Orientation Session V
Pillar B: Safe Climate and Strong Relationships
Building the KCPS Budget – Part III (if needed)
Follow up on questions from earlier sessions

June 23

Board Meeting (monthly business meeting including final budget approval for
next school year)

June 26/30

Board Planning Session – Additional Education or Orientation Sessions

June 2021

Calendar and date display for June 2021

School Board Candidate results

Elections were April 6, 2021

SUB-DISTRICT 1 - Term Expires 2025

Rita Marie Cortes

SUB-DISTRICT 3 - Term Expires 2025

Manuel (Manny) R. Abarca IV

SUB-DISTRICT 5 - Term Expires 2025

Kandace Buckner

AT-LARGE - Term Expires 2025

Tanesha Ford

candidate results 2021 Election

Who to Contact

Board Office – 816-418-7621 or email at

Interested in school board service?

How Do I Become a School Board Member?

Information for Board Candidates

Candidate’s Legal Guide to Running for the School Board

Free Resources for School Board Candidates

There may be more to school board service than you know. Learn the basics and be prepared to hit the ground running if you’re elected in April.

Find these resources at If you have any questions, feel free to call MSBA at 800-221-6722 or email

Board of Directors with Dr. Bedell