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Josh Jackaway

Joshua Jackaway

About Josh Jackaway

Josh is a parent in the district and has been investing in Kansas City Public Schools since 2008, prior to being a dad. Having grown up in the home of a public-school educator, and with two sisters who both serve in this field, Josh has long held a high value for public schools. His initial involvement in KCPS began by partnering with students and families focused on increasing literacy through after-school tutoring. Josh is passionate about devoting time and resources to help children grow in literacy, and ensuring all students meet or exceed their grade level. 

Josh currently works as a recruiter with Apartment Life, a nationwide supply-partner that serves and supports residents of all communities to increase engagement and improve retention. Previously he served vocationally as a student pastor in the city and has organized teams of volunteers to invest time, energy, and resources in KCPS, including Faxon Elementary, Southwest Early College Campus, Manuel Career Tech Center, and Border Star Montessori School. He has served on numerous nonprofit boards over the years, including in his neighborhood at the Cleaver Family YMCA

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