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KCPS is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with profiles of Latinos who have made a difference in our community. Today, we remember Yvonne Vazquez Rangel, an education advocate who lobbied for access to bilingual education. 

John Fierro Kansas City Notable Latino

KCPS is celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month featuring notable Latino community members who have made a difference in the city and/or the nation. Today, we honor John Fierro, President/CEO of Mattie Rhodes Center and a long-time public figure in Kansas City.

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KCPS is continuing our celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month with a spotlight on Rebecca Jaramillo, an advocate for equal rights and a founder of Fiesta Hispana, one of the first celebrations of Hispanic Heritage Month in Kansas City.

Local Kansas City Hero Primitivo Garcia

Primitivo Garcia is often referred to as Kansas City's first local Hispanic hero. One KCPS elementary school is named after this hero after he gave his life to save his English teacher in 1967.

Child Nutrition

Child Nutrition Hub & School Menus

Click the button below to visit our Child Nutrition Hub. This includes links for school menus, menu app, food programs, necessary forms and more!

Child Nutrition Hub


Serving up a great day from the kitchen to the classroom.


Every student every day is prepared to learn when they are nourished. 

Additionally, the Department of Child Nutrition: 

  • Developed a Wellness Policy that is focused on improving the health of students. The policy was developed by the health and wellness advisory council that includes teachers, parents, administrators, and the district nurse.
  • Continues to share the message of nutrition and wellness via our department’s website that emphasizes the importance of nutrition and fitness.
  • Provides information on the nutrition and fitness for teachers, parents, and students, as well as, a variety of learning tools.
  • Identifies student needs and wants and works diligently to fulfill such requests.

Office of Child Nutrition 

The Office of Child Nutrition is responsible for making sure every student has access to nutritious meals at school, while removing any impediments and/or barriers to a child’s access to food. We strongly believe providing students with nutritious meals throughout the day has a positive effect on the outcome of their day. 

Additionally, the Office of Child Nutrition 

  • Provides catering through our catering Chef, who can provide you with an assortment of dishes or work with any special requests.
  • Provides top of the line training for all new employees in hopes of a smooth transition to our team.
  • Provides nutrition education training and creative activities that inspire students to develop healthy eating habits.

Office Programs and Initiatives   

  1. To ensure we exude excellent customer service to all customers.
  2. We play a vital role in cultivating a focused learning environment for our students by serving quality, nutritious meals.
  3. We strive to provide our team members with the training, tools, resources, and environment to be successful in reaching our goals.
Board of Education

Staff Members and Contact Info

Brian Wieher, Director-Food & Nutrition
Office: (816) 418-7457

Chon Walters, Assistant Director
Office: (816) 418-7011

Teresita Pineda, Office/Payroll Technician
(816) 418-7840

Louida George, Accountability Technician
(816) 418-7423

Maxwell Gratton, IT Support Specialist
Office: (816) 418-7733

Chef Manny Alipio, Chef & Caterer
(816) 418-7341

Hannah Thornburgh RD/LD, Supervisor/Dietitian
Office: (816) 418-7341

Ginger Thompson, Supervisor/Dietitian
Office: (816) 418-7017

Talisha Archie, Area Supervisor 
(816) 418-7758

Lea Ann Smiroldo, Area Supervisor
Office: (816) 418-7756