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The Communications Department strives to deliver important messages to those we serve in KCPS and the general public. This is accomplished by producing several forms of original marketing, news and strategic communications content. The department provides communications services to all KCPS employees.

Responsibilities of the Department of Communications:

  • Calendar Updates
  • Staff, Parent and Student Messaging & Communication
  • Digital Media Services & Training
  • Digital Signage Content Production
  • Web Services
  • School Produced News
  • School Social Media
  • School Event Support
  • Employee Appreciation
  • Graphic Design
  • Video Production
  • Central Office Event Support
"...effective communication requires more than an exchange of information. When done right, communication fosters understanding, strengthens relationships, improves teamworks, and builds trust."

Communication Services

Communication Services is committed to providing timely, effective communications that engage our students, parents and employees. The team provides a wide array of services that are found below. 

Internal Communication: Offices, Overviews & Responsibilites

The Department of Internal & Cross-Cultural Communications strives to deliver important messages to KCPS stakeholders.

Internal Communications includes delivering information to KCPS employees, students and parents. This includes employee newsletters, memos, maintaining district calendars, district e-mails distribution and producing other communication materials and documents for KCPS employees, students and parents.

Cross-Cultural Communications provides translation and interpretation services to KCPS stakeholders. This includes business and document translations along with on-site Spanish/English interpretations. The office also provides cross-cultural awareness and competency training to staff members.

PUBLIC RELATIONS & MARKETING: Offices, Overviews & Responsibilities

The Department of Public Relations & Marketing disseminates messages about Kansas City Public Schools to interested members of the community. The office of uses news releases, press conferences, speaking engagements and social media to engage our community.


The Department of Strategic Communications and Outreach is focused on the development of key messaging, policies and tactics to achieve district goals and objectives. We focus on relationship-building with key elected officials, community leaders and members of the media. The office helps KCPS families and employees understand how local, regional and national policies directly affect students, schools and communities. We are thought partners who provide strategic communications support to KCPS departments and serve as a strategy partner for the Superintendent, the Cabinet and the School Board.

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