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Safety & Security

Our main focus and goals are to ensure the safety and security of our students, teachers, administration, parents, and visitors of KCPS.

The Kansas City, Missouri Public Schools Security Department provides a number of services to all of our school properties and district communities. Our officers receive law enforcement training and are equipped to provide services including building clearing, active shooter response, first aid and CPR, search and seizure, firearms handling, verbal de-escalation, O.C. use, handcuffing, and much more. In addition, our officers complete over 60 hours of peace officers standards and training annually, which is more than most law enforcement agencies.

Our officers are licensed through the private officers licensing unit of the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department. We have site based Officers who are unarmed and respond to all calls for service in their assigned schools. We have Patrol Officers that are fully armed and respond to all calls throughout the entire KCPS district. Armed officers are required to qualify annually with their firearms to ensure proper use of their weapons. Our officers have police powers on school property and are authorized to enforce all laws and detain individuals that violate any laws on school grounds that are covered in State and local statutes and laws. Both Patrol and Site-based officers have a Sergeant that overseas all security operations in their divisions.

Contact Us:

Emergency: Dial 911
Non-emergency: (816) 418-8813
KCPS Security Department Headquarters
3400 Highland Avenue
Kansas City, MO 64109

Command Staff

Director of Security

Major Harris

Major Marcus Harris

Mr. Harris' start date with the District was April 17, 2007. Director Marcus Harris is responsible for the overall management of the Security Department. Mr. Harris is responsible for the Security Department Budget, hiring, and training. The First Line Patrol Supervisors, the Assistant Site Based Manager, the Office Manager, and the Communications Unit personnel report directly to the Director. Prior to being hired with the District, Mr. Harris retired from the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department as a Division Commander (Major) with 27 years of service. While being employed with the Police Department, Mr. Harris on a contractual basis was the Director of Security (private security) for the Kansas City, Missouri Jazz Museum and Negro League Baseball Museum located in the 18th & Vine District from 1997 — 2000. Mr. Harris graduated from Central Missouri State University located in Warrensburg, Missouri with a Bachelor of Science Degree and a Master of Science Degree in Criminal Justice Administration in 1978.

Assistant Site-Based Manager of Security - Vacant

Office Manager - Judy Nabors

Secretary - Jacqueline Williams

Sergeant over the Patrol Elementary Task Force


I am the evening patrol Sgt. I have been with the District for eight years. I was hired in April of 2013 as a patrol officer. I spent the first several months of my career with KCPS working at the alternative school located at Anderson.  After approximately five years on patrol, I was promoted to the first-line supervisor for Paseo HS and KCMSA.  I worked there for approximately eight months at which time I was transferred to assist with the patrol division.  I am currently responsible for the day-to-day operations of the third and 1st shifts. Prior to coming to KCPS I worked at Lansing Correctional Facility.  While at Lansing, I was a member of the S.O.R.T. team (Special Operations Response and Tactics) as well as worked as a supervisor. I also worked in the TRUE unit working with mentally handicapped inmates and special needs inmates.  I have a total of 18 years of security experience. Here at KCPS, I am the CPR/AED/First Aid instructor, a certified Glock armor, and a simulator instructor. I became a supervisor to better serve the district.  I have been able to work on our communications and other projects that will help security to better serve the staff and students. I would like to see our department leading the metro area and setting the standards for other school districts' security and safety departments.

Sgt Hamburg

First Line Security Supervisor Second Watch Patrol

Timothy Woods

Timothy Wood

SGT Wood has been on staff as a First Line Supervisor for KCPS since August 2014. SGT Wood served as the Security Supervisor for Central Academy of Excellence and Central Middle Schools for just over a year before becoming the Day Time Patrol supervisor for KCPS. He is also a certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, and serves as the firearms instructor for KCPS. SGT Wood's experience prior to joining KCPS is as follows: 12 Years as a Law Enforcement Officer in Texas where he held an advanced police Officers license. He has over 4000 hours in police related training. SGT wood has experience training police Officers as well as experience being a member of tactical response teams. He enjoys helping to keep the students and the staff of the KCPS safe and secure on a daily basis. In his time away from work SGT. Wood loves to play/watch sports and spend time with his daughters.

3rd shift and Overnight Supervisors


SGT Banks was first hired on with KCPS as a Patrol Officer in late August of 2021. After six months of working as a patrol officer, he was hired as the evening and overnights patrol supervisor. Prior to coming onboard with KCPS, he has spent most of his experience working as a maintenance technician and supervisor for various property management companies and currently serves as a Military Policeman for the Missouri Army National Guard. SGT Banks has over 12 years’ experience in the Army as a military policeman and in January of 2021, he was sent for specialized training as a Protective Services Agent and forward deployed to Kuwait in support of Operation Spartan Shield and working for the top U.S. Army commander in the U.S. Central Command Area of Responsibility from June 2020 to April 2021. The experience he received there was that of Team Leader and Security Special Agent in Charge for multiple missions in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. After finishing his tour of duty, he received multiple Coins of Excellence from many of his leaders and the Army Commendation Medal for his hard work and dedication to his duties. SGT Banks strives to bring those same qualities of hard work and dedication to KCPS and better serve the district and his peers. When away from work SGT. Banks love to spend time with his wife and kids.

Sgt. Corrinn Martin 

More about Sgt. Martin coming soon.

photo of anderson building

Success Academy at Anderson

photo of manual building

Manual Career & Technical Center

Sgt Spiller


Sgt. Keyren Spiller working on my fifth year at K.C.P.S, Site-Based Officer for four years until promoted to a Sergeant. I aspire to continue my learning and training this will allow me to better serve the students, parents, staff, and community. I'm a strong believer in the power of positive thinking in life. 

photo of central middle building

Central Middle School

photo of central high building

Central High School

Sgt Zarcone


Sgt. Jeff Zarcone was born and raised in Albany, New York. At the age of 19, Jeff had an opportunity to pursue a professional baseball career with the NY Yankees but suffered a shoulder injury that prevented him from continuing his dream. Jeff went on to work as a missionary with Youth With A Mission traveling the US and abroad performing music and drama for several years before beginning a career in Law Enforcement with the Dodge City Police Department in Dodge City, KS. During his Police career, Jeff worked as a Field Training Officer, Patrol Sergeant, Detective Sergeant,  SWAT Team Commander, and Patrol Commander .Before retiring from the DCPD,  Jeff spent many years as an instructor in Patrol Techniques, Use of Force, Active Shooter, and Special Weapons and Tactics Training. He is excited to be part of this leadership team and looks forward to using his training and experience to help make KCPS the best it can be! Jeff is a very active musician in the KC area and  currently lives in Overland Park, KS with his wife Nancy and two step kids. Jeff also has adult twin daughters that reside in Wichita, KS.

photo of northeast middle building

Northeast Middle School

photo of northeast high building

Northeast High School

Sgt Espinoza


Sgt. Jeremy Espinoza was born and raised in Denver Colorado, he moved to KCMO in 2016 due to personal opportunities and feels he has been blessed to work with Kansas City Public Schools for 4 1/2 years, he started as a Patrol Officer and was promoted to a Supervisor 6 months after he started. He stated, “I have always had two passions in my life, 1. A protector/helper and 2. a creator.” Sgt. Espinoza has been in Security/Law enforcement for a total of 22 years and has been involved with Art and Music for a total of 35 years. He has a goal to really start changing the minds of troubled children, he stated “It starts by being more involved, always being available when a child has no one else to go to no matter what the circumstances are. He holds the role as Security Officer, but he also acts as a Mentor, Counselor, Father Figure and Role Model.” Security is much bigger than Security, we serve the community as well as KCPS. Security is the first person to greet our community and staff and having good Customer Service is a priority. Sgt. Espinoza's purpose / vision is to lead his officers to have integrity, be readily available when the district calls on us, be respectful and protect our students, staff, and property like it's your own.

photo of paseo building

Paseo Academy of Fine and Performing Arts 

Sgt Rydholm


I’m John M. Rydholm, formerly of Michigan, lived in Missouri since 2006. I have over 19 years of cumulative experience in private security, customer service, and correctional settings, as well as middle management. My previous job was a Lieutenant at the Leavenworth Detention Center. My staff is currently Officers M. Evans, C. Fischer, I. Perkins, and K. Doerflinger. By working with KCPS, I hope to be able to better assist our district in maintaining a safe and secure learning environment for our children and bettering our community within Kansas City.

photo of southeast high building

Southeast High School

photo of ac prep lower building

African-Centered College Preparatory Academy - Lower Campus

Sgt Woodruff

SGT ESTER WOODRUFF Southeast High School & ACC Lower

I have worked in security since 2008 with such companies as Allied Barton and Securitas.  I have been working at KCPS since 2012, I started out as a Site-Based Officer for five years then I progressed to a Patrol Officer.  I was in Patrol for 2 years when I decided I wanted to be a First-Line Supervisor. My vision for KCPS is for the community to be more involved in the vision of how our children are being taught.  This involves getting to know all the staff including officers so that the community can get familiar with officers for not just the discipline but as the overall knowledge of officer is there to help on a day-to-day basis.

photo of east high building

East High School


photo of lincoln middle building

Lincoln Middle School

photo of lincoln prep building

Lincoln College Preparatory Academy

Sgt Pontdexter
First Line Supervisor Lincoln Middle School & Lincoln High School


My name is Joel Poindexter and I am a First Line Supervisor overseeing security at Lincoln College Preparatory Academy and Lincoln College Preparatory Academy Middle School. My responsibilities include supervising other officers, implementing safety procedures and protocols, providing security for events within the district, working with the school’s administration to help provide a safe learning environment for the students and staff, and building a rapport with the students where they feel safe and comfortable in turning to us when they need help. In addition, I am also a certified PPCT instructor and teach defensive tactics training to the other offices within the district. I previously worked in Law Enforcement and served as a Police Officer for the City of Independence. My goal here at the Kansas City Missouri School District is to help as many students as possible, to be a resource for them, and to hopefully inspire them to be more than that thought they could be.

Communications Department

The purpose of the KCPS Security Communications Department is to answer emergency and non-emergency calls that happen throughout the District. Dispatchers coordinate with officers to respond to calls for service at within our district. Dispatchers monitor all cameras on KCPS property, create badges for all new employees, and control all access points within district property.

KCPS Security Department Dispatchers are available 24/7 and can be called upon to answer the following:

  • Create Employee badge
  • Employee badge access
  • Suspicious persons/vehicles on school property
  • After hours maintenance issues
  • Missing students
  • Bus accidents
  • Bus stop incidents
  • Home welfare checks
  • Reporting Narcotics on School Property

Evening Dispatcher - Misty Lowry

Misty Lowry Evening Dispatcher

EVENING DISPATCHERS -Heaven Shields and Aledereanna Catrer

Thank An Officer

If a KCPS Security Officer has ever helped you out, we would like to know! If an officer went above and beyond their duty and you would like to express your thanks, contact our headquarters by using the form below.  The officer and his or her chain of command will receive a notification of your thanks, and it will be annotated in their personnel file. Please include the officer’s name, what the officer did, where the incident occurred, and when the incident occurred. If you are unsure of the officer’s name, try to remember the date and times of the incident with as much information and description that is available.


First Name
Last Name
Must contain a date in M/D/YYYY format

Report a Crime on School Grounds

At KCPS, we are dedicated to ensure the safety to everyone that is on our school grounds. We also have a motto that we instill within the department as a whole. “If you see something, say something.” If you witness a crime on school grounds, or know of any crimes that may have happened or crimes that could potentially happen, we want to know. Please contact our dispatch center, to report any crimes that could potentially occur or crimes that have occurred.

Frequently Asked Questions

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