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Charter School Initiative

Kansas City Public Schools is dedicated to ensuring a quality, equitable education experience so that the students in its boundaries thrive socially, emotionally and academically in a globally competitive world.  This commitment has led KCPS to explore any and all opportunities that may offer an enhanced educational experience for children and families living within the KCPS boundaries have access to a quality Pre-K through 12 educational experiences; including charter school sponsorship.

Kansas City Public Schools sponsors charter schools through the KCPS Office of Education Collaboration. A charter school is an independent public school, supported with public funds, and operated in partnership with a state-approved sponsor. Charter schools are non-sectarian, do not discriminate in their admission policies and may not charge tuition or fees. A charter school sponsored by KCPS may operate independently or in partnership with KCPS serving as the Sponsor and Local Educational Agency (LEA).

Charter school sponsorship is another way in which KCPS supports quality education for all children in the Kansas City Public Education System. Charter school sponsors in Missouri are charged by the state with three primary tasks

  • Evaluate and approve charter school applications
  • Monitor school compliance with state and federal regulations and meeting charter goals
  • Provide intervention, renew or revoke school charters based on operational and/or academic performance and compliance.

Additionally, sponsors are charged by state law with ensuring that their charter schools meet the student achievement goals and financial and operational standards required by the contracts (or "charters" — hence the term "charter school") made between the charter schools and their sponsors.

The office routinely attends school governing board meetings, reviews documentation, and visits schools to an ensure an understanding of operations. The office may provide technical assistance and connections to resources when schools make requests.

If you are interested in learning more or getting involved in KCPS’ sponsorship of charter schools, contact Allyson Hile, Director of Education Collaboration, at 816-418-7629 or  You may also see the Charter School Sponsorship Handbook here.

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