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KCPS Charter Schools

KCPS has worked and collaborated with charter schools since the late 1990s.  Since 2015, the Kansas City Public Schools has sponsored charter schools.  The KCPS Office of Education Collaboration sponsors the following charter schools:

KCPS Sponsored Charter Schools

Allen Village School

Allen Village School is a PreK-12 charter school located in the heart of Westport with two campuses within walking distance of one another. Allen Village School focuses on student success in an academic challenging, yet safe environment, by maintaining a low teacher to student ratio and facilitating learning through advanced technological resources for students and staff.  Students are also provided a personal laptop (or iPad for K-2) to use during the school year to enhance their learning experiences. Allen Village School has been sponsored by KCPS since May 2019.


Crossroads Charter Schools is a network of three charter schools located in downtown Kansas City. Crossroads prepares students to excel by providing an academically rigorous education. Crossroads’ mission is to prepare and inspire students to build a better tomorrow by providing an academically rigorous K-12 education in a creative, collaborative, community-focused environment.  Crossroads Charter Schools has been sponsored by KCPS since January 2022.


Gordon Parks Elementary School

Gordon Parks Elementary is a small, family like charter school for children in grades K-4. Acting on its conviction that every child has promise, Gordon Parks provides children, including those who are at-risk, an individualized education that is balanced to develop character, intellect, creativity and physical well-being.  Gordon Parks Elementary School, believes culture creates connection which drives collaboration which then allows for strong core instruction.  Gordon Parks Elementary has been sponsored by KCPS since February 2022.


Closed KCPS Sponsored Charter Schools


Kansas City Neighborhood Academy Monarchs Logo

The Kansas City Neighborhood Academy closed June 30, 2019. The Charter School Board of Directors decided to close due to struggles meeting its annual enrollment and budgetary goals. Slower than expected housing development around the school and the increasing number of educational seats available within the Kansas City Public Education System presented significant obstacles for the school and jeopardized long-term sustainability. You may find the KCNA Board’s letter to parents and families here. Employment verification requests of formerly employed staff may be made to Allyson Hile, Director of Education Collaboration, at 816-418-7629 or

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