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A group dressed in coats cuts a blue ribbon in front of a memorial for Thacher School.

Kansas City Public Schools honored a commitment to the Northeast community, dedicating a memorial at the site of the former Thacher School, 5008 Independence Ave.

Student artwork from the Lincoln Middle School exhibition

Students in Harold Smith's art class hosted an art exhibit at Lincoln Middle School last week, drawing on works in "Testimony: African American Artists Collective."

The student showcase, called "Our Testimony," explores the emotions, memories and values of the Lincoln Middle School artists, said eighth grader Gabriella Morris.

Watch the Blueprint 2030 video on YouTube.

If you were unable to participate in a Blueprint 2030 community conversation in October, there's still time to take the priority survey. From here, we’ll keep you updated on more dates and details around future opportunities for feedback this winter and into the spring.

A graphic of students attending schools wearing masks.

On Tuesday, Nov. 2, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention approved the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for children ages 5-11. As we have throughout the pandemic, KCPS is working with Children’s Mercy Hospital and the the Kansas City Health Department to get our families the most accurate COVID-19 information

KCPS Sponsorship

KCPS will address all Charter Sponsor State Standards by providing proper oversight and support to each of its charter schools. In addition to other oversight responsibilities, KCPS will closely monitor the areas of Governance, Academic Performance, and Fiscal Solvency for its sponsored charter schools.


KCPS will provide the following oversight activities:

  1. Ensure that the charter school board members have received adequate board training from entities, such as Missouri School Board Association, Missouri Charter Public School Association, or Charter Board Partners.
  2. Provide the KCPS Policy BBFA-1 “Board Member Conflict of Interest and Financial Disclosure”.
  3. Monitor the charter board members’ compliance with Missouri statutory requirements, including successfully passing a criminal background check and family care safety registry check (RSMo 160.400.14) and that charter school employees may not be board members (RSMo 160.400.15). 4) Monitor compliance with Missouri Sunshine Law.
  4. Annually review financial information to identify if the charter school is in financial distress according to RSMo 160.417, and if it is, work with the charter board to implement a budget and education plan.
  5. Administer a monitoring plan that annually evaluates student and organizational performance, and whether the charter school has met the goals/expectations outlined in the Charter School Agreement.
  6. Attend monthly Charter School board meetings.
  7. Annually review the charter school’s compliance with statutory standards, including:
    1. participation in the statewide system of assessments (RSMo 160.518);
    2. completion/distribution of annual report card (RSMo 160.522);
    3. collection of baseline data during the first 3 years of operation to determine the longitudinal success of the charter school;
    4. a method to measure pupil progress (RSMo 160.514); and
    5. publication of an annual performance report.
  8. Review minutes from all board meetings.
  9. Review and monitor Financial Audit.
  10. Require Charter School Board to post minutes from all board meetings on their website.

Academic Performance

The academic performance components will be detailed in a Performance Contract between KCPS and each charter school it sponsors. The Performance Contract will be approved by the KCPS Board and included in the Charter school application to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). The Performance Contract will be aligned with state standards and will be based on state performance standards.

KCPS’s performance expectations and the educational goals and objectives will also be in the Charter’s Application. The goal is to clearly set forth the standards by which the Charter’s academic performance will be measured. KCPS’s expectation is that each charter school it sponsors must have an APR score of 70% or greater for contract renewal. KCPS will institute a policy that if any charter school it sponsors has an APR score below 70%, then we will provide interventions.

Interventions may include establishing a School Improvement Advisory Committee, holding quarterly meetings, establishing a monitoring support team, submission of monthly reports to the monitoring support team, and establishing wrap-around services.

When a charter school shows deficiencies in academic performance, the charter school sponsor representative will coordinate with KCPS curriculum and instruction staff and offer technical assistance to the charter school. Technical assistance may include, but is not limited to: attending professional development workshops, additional classroom observations, and assistance in establishing data teams.

Fiscal Solvency

KCPS will monitor all contributing components for fiscal solvency beginning with the application process and throughout the term of the Performance Contract. Activities may include support in financial planning by:

  1. Providing assistance in developing budget, requiring charter schools’ details of estimated revenue and expenditures with enrollment target for the proposed term. Also, by ensuring the budget is consistent with the school’s plan, mission, educational program, staffing and facility needs, including any plan to incur debt payments.
  2. Ensuring the budget reflects the projected percentage of reserve funds at the end of each fiscal year.
  3. Requiring charter schools to provide cash flow analysis for the fiscal year; KCPS will review on a monthly basis.
  4. Reviewing monthly payment plans requiring charter schools to provide monthly budget vs actual report.
  5. Ensuring that grants to be received are used according to established guidelines.
  6. Requiring charter schools to have a contingency plan for any budget shortfall and cash flow challenges.
  7. Reviewing monthly financial reports.
  8. Ensuring completion of an annual audit, Annual Secretary of the Board Report and other financial management reports.
  9. Monitoring the Audit selection process, final audit report and management response.
  10. Designating a KCPS Finance staff person to work directly with each charter.

Additionally, the charter school is to provide the minutes from Charter Board of Director meetings each month accompanied by the check register to be approved.

On-site review by KCPS will be performed to view charter’s procedures and inspection of access to and physical control of check book, with attention to software access security, and appropriate segregation of duties to minimize opportunity for fraud.

KCPS will ensure all charter schools it sponsors have financial control policies in place and that their board has knowledge of and are trained in what the policies include. Examples of financial control policies include: two signatures on all checks, bidding out all large purchases and/or services, procurement policies, and the prevailing wage. Additionally, KCPS will ensure all charter schools participate in an outside audit.

Federal law requires that KCPS monitors the operation of Title I programs in every participating school in the Local Education Agency (LEA), whether the LEA is a school district or a charter school. Quarterly on-site compliance visits are conducted at each school site. If a sponsored charter school is not compliant with the use of federal funds, they will be placed on probation and KCPS staff will increase on-site monitoring visits to once per month. If the charter school remains noncompliant, KCPS will take over their finances and may begin the revocation process of the charter school.

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