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Charlie Hustle T-shirt Design Contest

Kansas City Public Schools has partnered with Charlie Hustle to develop a unique line of KCPS shirts for sale to the public. One of the designs for this line will be an original design from a KCPS student!  

Board Districts as of 2021

The Kansas City Election Board has been designated by statute to serve as the redistricting commission for Kansas City Public Schools. The Board of Commissioners, sitting as the redistricting commission, is responsible to redistrict the Kansas City Public School Board of Directors subdistricts based on the results of the 2020 Census. This meeting went over current maps with population changes presented to gather feedback for development of sample maps.

Board Districts as of 2021

The Kansas City Election Board has been designated by statute to serve as the redistricting commission for Kansas City Public Schools. The Board of Commissioners, sitting as the redistricting commission, is responsible to redistrict the Kansas City Public School Board of Directors subdistricts based on the results of the 2020 Census. This meeting presented 5 sample maps to the public.

School Board 2021

Learn more about the redistricting process being lead by the Kansas City Election Board.

Repurposing Questions & Answers

The following questions were received during the District-wide Repurposing Initiative Information Sessions conducted on April 4th and April 6th, 2011.

What does it mean if a school is mothballed?
Mothballed schools are those that the district has identified it will hold onto for future district use. These include: Central Middle, Cook, KCMSA, Knotts, Lincoln Middle, Northeast Middle, Robeson, Scarritt

Will more buildings close in the future?
The Repurposing Initiative office is not involved with any decisions regarding the closure of school sites. Questions regarding school closures should be addressed to the Superintendent’s office.

Can you post the best practices on your website?
The Kansas City Chapter of the American Institute of Architects is developing an “Idea Book” that includes best practices/case studies of reuses of closed school buildings. Once the Idea Book is completed, it will be posted on the website.

Can you make the 30 sites previously repurposed by the KCMSD available on your website?
The Repurposing Office will work to provide this information on the website.

How much debt does the school district owe on the bonds?
The principal balance for 2011-2014 is $33.95 million.

What is your relationship with other school districts that have gone through this process before?
The district has contacted representatives in Pittsburgh, Washington, DC, Tuscon, New Orleans, Cleveland, Minneapolis, and Denver to learn about their approaches to repurposing closed school buildings. Best practices, lessons learned have been used in the development of the repurposing initiative process.

Average cost per building purchased previously from the school district?
Building sales have ranged from $76,000 to $1.4 million.

Is the student dropout rate associate with the loss of population?
We don’t have that information at this time.

Is the number given from other school districts about closed buildings a net figure?
Yes, that is our understanding.

Do you have information about Portland, Oregon?
The district has not contacted Portland, although it has had some innovative reuses of closed school buildings. These will likely be integrated into the Idea Book.

How much weight can be put on the UMKC research?
The research completed by the UMKC studio class in the Fall of 2010 has been very helpful and a good base for the district. Several of the students are currently serving as interns with the Repurposing Initiative office.

Can you post a link to the UMKC’s research paper
The UMKC final report can be found at

Has the district taken into account new census data when determining the surplus building list?
This will be integrated into the analysis.

The same board who gave buildings to reuses not supported by the community are the same ones creating guidelines to ensure buildings are supported. Why would they choose now to care about community opinion? Why should we trust them at this point?
The school board created the Repurposing Initiative office in order to develop community-driven reuse strategies for the district’s closed school sites. This was, in part, due to previous decisions that had been made where sites were sold to entities that proposed reuses that weren’t supported by the community and/or the entity was not successful in redevelopment the site.

How can you convince a group to enter into an agreement with claw backs?
The district will be working to develop claw backs that protect the district’s interests, yet do not deter interested parties with the capacity to complete projects.

Clarification on performing charter schools
The district is working to provide additional clarification on what will be considered “academic track record” in May/June.

What does an “agreed upon sum” mean in the state statute requirements?
This will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Who is the District’s contact person for parties interested in the (8) mothballed sites?
Contact The Repurposing Office at or (816) 418-7725.

What does it mean in guideline number 6, that an institution has to complement District schools and programs?
The district is working to provide additional clarification on what “complementary programs” in May/June.

Who is conducting your building assessment and market analysis?
A team led by Rosin Preservation and SWD Architects will be conducting the building assessments. Development Initiatives will be conducting the market analysis.

How will I know what site disposition route I should take for my proposal?
The reuse strategy/action plan recommendations presented to the board will likely include site disposition recommendations.

What is the state’s definition of the community group?
The community group is not defined in the state statute. The district has interpreted it to mean a 501c3 non-profit organization.

Can a For-profit group partner with a Non-profit to help the NPO raise funds to purchase the building?
Yes, however, the district cannot lease to a for-profit entity until after February 2014, due to the existing lease agreement with the Building Corporation.

How will the public’s opinion be used to determine the final reuse proposals?
The repurposing initiative office is looking to develop community-driven reuse strategies to present to the board. This information will be used to evaluate reuse proposals.

Is the district open to donating a building to a non-profit organization?
The district is obligated to obtain a fair market value on the sale of its surplus property.

How many members are on the building corporation board?

Why can’t the public buy/lease directly from the building corporation?
The Building Corporation and the district have a binding agreement whereby the Building Corporation owns the properties on behalf of the district. That cannot be superseded by another entity interested in a site.

Where does the money go when a building is sold?
Proceeds from the sale equal to the collateral or fair market value will be retained by the bond trustee and used to redeem bonds.

What is the process for obtaining a building for interim use?
Interest in a site, whether for interim use or sale/lease should be submitted via the website: The district will obtain feedback from the community on those reuse proposals.

Is the district flexible in who pays for upgrades?
This will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Do we have to go through the state statute process for a one-year lease?

Will the district do site tours for mothballed sites?
No, the mothballed sites will not have public site tours.

Is the city considering doing a tax incentive for developers willing to go and repurpose sites?
That has not been determined at this time, but will be addressed during the process.

Can we use only part of a building?
This may be an option. Several groups may elect to co-locate in a building.

Has the district established prices for the buildings yet?
No, this will not be done until the completion of the facility master plan which will identify which sites are surplus and which sites the district should hold on to for future growth. This is expected to be completed by the end of June.

If you can’t make a site tour how can you schedule a follow-up tour of a building?
At this time, the district has not scheduled follow-up tours, but this will be considered after the completion of the initial public site tours.

Do you have utility cost?
Utility costs will be included on the site profiles.

Does the district plan on selling the buildings as-is?
TBD. Past sales have been on an as-is basis.

How can I see sites that are deemed not fit for community entrance?
This will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

What are the environmental issues in each building? Will you provide the community with this information?
Information that the district has regarding environmental issues will be provided to the public.