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School Site Details

Scarritt School

The 6th Grade Center was closed in 2012 and officially moved to the mothballed list in 2016 as part of the Master Plan. It was designated as mothballed for the land only and a candidate for demolition, as the facility shares a site with Southeast High School and AC Prep Elementary School, but the building was no longer needed to accommodate students. KCPS staff have explored opportunities for auxiliary uses, such as teacher collaboration space, teacher housing, and office space for community partners. Due to the cost of renovations and limited capital funding, as well as safety concerns, the district has not pursued these options. KCPS staff has identified that if the facility was razed, it would address ongoing public safety concerns associated with a vacant building on a school campus, while also providing much needed multi-purpose field space for the shared HS/ES campus. KCPS staff conducted outreach in 2022 to surrounding neighbors/neighborhood associations regarding the proposed demolition of the site and is ready to solicit bids for remediation and demolition in 2023. 

6th Grade Center At A Glance

Year Built: 1923
Square Feet: 33,289
Acreage: 3.5 on AC Prep/SE Campus
Zoning: R-2.5
Neighborhood: Swope Park Campus
Year Closed: 2012
Historic Designation: Not Evaluated

6th Grade Center Site Overview


Askew School