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School Site Details

Ashland School Site

In 2016, KCPS and the City of Kansas City entered into a non-binding agreement that would facilitate the transfer of Ashland from KCPS to the City that would allow for recreational uses on the site through a partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs (BGC). BGC is no longer interested in pursuing the development of the site. The City has expressed interest in utilizing the site for infill housing. KCPS has begun discussions with the East 23rd Street PAC Neighborhood Association to explore whether there is interest in utilizing the site for infill housing.  

Ashland At A Glance

Acreage: 2.24
Neighborhood:East 23rd Street PAC
Demolished in:2000

Ashland Site Profile
Ashland Site Tour Summary
Ashland Phase II Meeting Summary
Ashland Reuse Assessment

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