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Bryant School

KCPS has been evaluating the reuse of the former Bryant School site for teacher housing to help address the housing challenges faced by so many of our current and prospective teachers. KCPS is hosting a community meeting to share information about this reuse opportunity for Bryant and the associated teacher recruitment and retention benefits, alternative reuses for the site, and to answer questions/collect feedback from members of the community.

Bryant School Reuse Discussion
Thursday, April 25, 2023 @ 6:30PM
Hale Cook Elementary School
7302 Pennsylvania Ave, Kansas City, MO 64114

If you are unable to attend the meeting, check back here as we will post a copy of the SlideDeck and a link to an on-line survey so you can share your feedback/questions.

Background Info

Bryant was closed in 2009 and designated as surplus as part of the Rightsizing process. As KCPS solicited reuse proposals for the site, it was determined that deed restrictions limited the reuse of the Bryant site to school purposes or single family residential. The reopening of Hale Cook in 2014 saw enrollment growth from the Southwest Corridor, and KCPS anticipated a future opportunity to respond to growing interest in public education by reopening the Bryant School over the next 3-5 years. In order to evaluate this opportunity, the site was officially moved to the mothballed list in 2016 as part of the Master Plan.

Based on its condition and layout, the Bryant School building, would require a significant financial outlay/retrofit and/or demolition/rebuild to reopen the school and ensure the building met the district’s school size standards and educational adequacy criteria. Based on enrollment and demographic trends, KCPS does not foresee the need to use the Bryant site as an elementary school; however, KCPS is exploring the possibility of redeveloping the building as teacher housing as a recruitment and retention strategy. It is recommended that the site remain on the mothballed list as the district evaluates the feasibility of a teacher housing development.

Bryant At A Glance

Year Built: 1915/1920/1938
Acreage: 4.15
Square Feet: 45,760
Zoning: R-6
Neighborhood: Countryside/Wornall Homestead
Historic Designation: Eligible
New Markets Tax Credit: Not Eligible
Opportunity Zone: Not Eligible
CCED Sales Tax: Not Eligible
Year Closed: 2009

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Bryant Exterior
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