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School Site Details

Fairview School

Fairview is currently undergoing environmental abatement and demolition. On April 17, 2024, KCPS, in partnership with the Pitcher Elementary SAC and Kaw Valley Companies, held a public meeting to outline project details such as timeline, safety measures, and haul route. In addition to the public meeting, the contractors have provided the Fairview Abatement Info Sheet and Fairview Demo Info Sheet

The purpose of the meeting will be to provide demolition project details such as timeline, safety measures, traffic flow and more.  The community will also have the opportunity to ask questions.  In addition to the public meeting, the demolition contractor has provided an information sheet: Fairview Demo Info Sheet. For more information regarding the environmental abatement work that will proceed demolition, see: Fairview Abatement Info Sheet.


Fairview Alternative School was closed in 2010 and designated as surplus as part of the Rightsizing process. The school building shares a site with Pitcher Elementary and as such, any reuse of the building would need to be compatible with sharing a site with an open elementary school. The site (land only) was officially moved to the mothballed list in 2016 as part of the Master Plan, and it was designated as a candidate for demolition. KCPS staff has identified that if the facility was razed, it would address ongoing public safety concerns associated with a vacant building on a school campus. KCPS staff is conducting outreach to stakeholders in Spring 2023 in advance of issuing a bid package for abatement and demolition.


Fairview At A Glance

Year Built: 1957/1986/1993
Square Feet: 29,405
Acreage: 15 "Shared with Pitcher"
Zoning: R-7.5
Neighborhood:Ashland Ridge
Year Closed: 2010

Fairview Site Profile
Fairview Site Tour Summary
Fairview 2006 Condition Assessment
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