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Fairview School

Fairview Alternative School was closed in 2010 and designated as surplus as part of the Rightsizing process. The school building shares a site with Pitcher Elementary and as such, any reuse of the building would need to be compatible with sharing a site with an open elementary school. The site (land only) was officially moved to the mothballed list in 2016 as part of the Master Plan, and it was designated as a candidate for demolition. KCPS staff has identified that if the facility was razed, it would address ongoing public safety concerns associated with a vacant building on a school campus. KCPS staff is conducting outreach to stakeholders in Spring 2023 in advance of issuing a bid package for abatement and demolition.

Fairview At A Glance

Year Built: 1957/1986/1993
Square Feet: 29,405
Acreage: 15 "Shared with Pitcher"
Zoning: R-7.5
Neighborhood:Ashland Ridge
Year Closed: 2010

Fairview Site Profile
Fairview Site Tour Summary
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