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School Site Details

KCNA/Wendell Phillips ​​​​​​​2433 Vine St

On February 16, 2023, KCPS sold the former Wendell Phillips/KCNA school site, 2433 Vine Street, to Urban Catalyst, Inc., a non-profit affiliate of Urban Neighborhood Initiative (UNI).  Community Wellness will be the focus of the redevelopment that includes youth and adult STEAM programming, culinary training classes and cafe, health care clinic, small business spaces and early learning classrooms. The Campus will also include mixed-use development to expand housing options in the area, urban agriculture, green infrastructure site design and outdoor community gathering space.

As part of the sales agreement, KCPS and UC, Inc. have entered into a Benefits Agreement with the Wendell Phillips Neighborhood Association (WPNA) to ensure that KCPS stakeholders, neighborhood residents and UNI’s target neighborhoods also benefit from the redevelopment of the site.  Benefits include shared neighborhood office spaces and storage for UNI’s 10 target neighborhoods, preservation of green space, workforce development and tenant collaborations with the WPNA.

UNI is in the process of conducting additional assessments of the school building and predevelopment work to ensure that the vision of the site is a success


UNI presented information about its proposal at two public meetings prior to the KCPS and UNI entering into a sales contract:

4/18/22 presentation can be viewed HERE

5/23/22 presentation can be viewed HERE.

KCPS hosted two additional public meetings to collect community feedback to inform the development of the Benefit Agreement and a Property Use Description Agreement. 

10/17/22: Click for PPT & Meeting Notes

11/3/22: Click for PPT  


KCNA At A Glance

Year Built: 1932/1962
Square Feet: 59,113
Acreage: 4.6
Zoning:  B-3.2, R-1.5
Neighborhood: Wendell Phillips
Year Closed: 2019

KCNA Site Profile
KCNA Floor Plans





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