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Three smiling students stand in the library.

Kansas City Public Schools is fully accredited and enrolling families for the 2022-23 school year. Stop by the Board of Education, 2901 Troost Ave., to speak with an enrollment specialist today!

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As Chief of Staff, Ms. Holliday-Scott’s work will focus on facilitating and overseeing the transition team, assessing and reviewing internal district processes, participating in the Blueprint 2030 process and collaborating with executive team members.

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Dr. Davis was named Interim Deputy Superintendent and Chief Equity Officer in July 2022. His departmental oversight includes School Leadership, Curriculum and Instruction, Student Support, Research and Accountability, and Equity, Inclusion and Innovation.

A logo for the Space Grand Challenge on top of a picture of students with laptops. The words KCPS needs volunteers!

This fall, KCPS middle and high schoolers will be joining students across the globe for the 2022 Space Grand Challenge. KCPS is recruiting teachers and cybersecurity industry professionals as coaches.

Family Support

In efforts to address the social-emotional needs of students and families the Department of Students Support Services is implementing a Tele-Health Service Delivery Model (The use of digital technologies to deliver services by connecting multiple users in separate locations).

Counselors & Trauma Sensitive Clinicians

  • KCPS School Counselors assigned to each school will contact each and every family for a whole child wellness check-in.
  • School Counselors will make referrals to the Trauma-Sensitive School Clinician based on the Wellness Needs of the Students and Families.
  • Students and Families in Need of Immediate Support for Social and Emotional Needs will be able to contact a Student Support Team Member through our support hotline numbers assigned to per school

KCPS Trauma Sensitive Team

Behavior Health Manager - Travanna Alexander (816) 723-1355
School Name Clinician Contact Number
Elementary Schools    
ACCPA - Lower Angelique Tembo (816) 309-6855
Banneker Alicia Smith (816) 423-9081
Border Star Montessori Malena Binger (816) 352-4000
Faxon Dorothy Patterson (816) 668-7261
Foreign Language Academy Cindy Garcia (816) 385-3146
Garfield Christina Kohn (816) 929-9147
George Melcher Candice Wise (816) 301-1557
George Washington Carver Cindy Garcia (816) 385-3146
Gladstone Dorothy Patterson (816) 668-7261
Hale Cook Christina Kohn (816) 929-9147
Harold Holliday, Sr. Montessori Malena Binger (816) 352-4000
J.A. Rogers Malena Binger (816) 352-4000
James Cindy Garcia (816) 385-3146
John T. Hartman Kenya Hicks (816) 533-6922
Longfellow Dorothy Patterson (816) 668-7261
Martin Luther King, Jr. Zandra Winfield (816) 723-1357
Phillis Wheatley Alicia Smith (816) 423-9081
Pitcher Candice Wise (816) 301-1557
Primitivo Garcia Christina Kohn (816) 929-9147
Success at Knotts Marchel Turner (816) 723-1354
Trailwoods Christina Kohn (816) 929-9147
Wendell Phillips Kelly Ewing (816) 646-9624
Whittier Malena Binger (816)352-4000
Middle Schools    
Central Middle Cortney Ray (816) 343-9441
Lincoln Middle Arica Miller (816) 646-9843
Northeast Middle Elizabeth Stanford (816) 205-5316
Paseo Middle Zandra Winfield (816) 723-1357
High Schools    
East High MacKenzie Even (816) 226-8096
Central High Jeff Dayton (816) 645-0121
Lincoln High Arica Miller (816) 646-9843
Northeast High Elizabeth Stanford (816) 205-5316
Paseo High Zandra Winfield (816) 723-1355
Southeast High Angelique Tembo (816) 309-6855
Success at Anderson Kristen Dua (816) 723-1356

August 27, 2020

Dear Parent or Guardian:

In a response to the COVID-19 pandemic and guidance from the CDC, local health department and medical authorities, Kansas City Public Schools will begin the school year on September 8, 2020, using two models, Distance Learning and Virtual School.

While it would be preferable to be back in school working with students, at this time it is not possible.  Our teachers will be holding group lessons via video conferencing, as well as other distance and/or virtual education platforms.

School districts have an obligation to protect the rights and privacy of all students, including special education students.  To balance the obligation of privacy and learning, this communication is serving as notice that when your child participates in group lessons via video conferencing, their identity will not be confidential to anyone else participating in the group including adults that may be supporting other children.

If you do NOT wish for your child to participate in group lessons via video conferencing, please let your child’s teacher know as soon as possible.

Thank you

Student on computer