• Announcing the 2015-16 Gladstone Elementary Student Council!

    In September, students in third through sixth grades were nominated to be student council members.  These students were elected based on their behavior, character traits, and leadership ability.  Student Council is a leadership committee that is formed to build confidence, integrity, responsibility, loyalty, and generosity.  During the school year, they will lead school projects such as food drives, drug awareness, Toys for Tots, recycling, community cleanups, etc.  

    The student positions that will be elected are as follows:

    President:  Juan Pizano (6th)
    Vice President:  Esmeralda SantaMaria (6th)
    Secretary:  Hawra'A Hassan (4th)
    Treasurer:  Linda Nguyen (5th)
    Reporter: Jeraldo Ndomane (4th)
    Co-Reporter:  Thuan Nguyen (4th)
    3rd Grade Representatives:
    Amina Gant
    Alexander Gomez
    Raegan Burke
    Brandon Martinez
    Christine Combay
    Sophia Duong
    Tziyona Harris
    Carolina Lomeli
    4th Grade Representatives:
    Giselle Esteban
    Diana Holguin
    Jairo Chacon
    Lupe Reyes
    Jennifer Guzman 
    5th Grade Representatives:
    Nadaza Williams
    Rayonna Gibson
    Taysean Haley
    Marcus Duncan
    Samantha Chester
    6th Grade Representatives:
    Nam Le
    Juan Vejar 
    Student Council Sponsor is Mrs. Eads.